Michel Cymes: he reveals his best tips for losing weight effectively

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During his appearance on the set of 'C à Vous', Michel Cymes shared his advice for losing weight, without going on a diet.

  Michel Cymes: he reveals his best tips for losing weight effectively

At the beginning of the year, many are those who have resolved to lose weight s. If some have taken up sport, others have started their diet in order to lose weight quickly. Guest on the set of 'C à vous' on Tuesday January 3, 2023, Michel Cymes also broached this topic. . The famous doctor lifts the veil on its most effective alternatives to lose weight .

Michel Cymes: “Diets are useless”

Michel Cymes is reputed to be the doctor much appreciated by the French . Invited several times on television sets, he does not hesitate to share advice with those who need it .

On Tuesday January 3, 2023, Nathalie's husband was on the show 'C à Vous' . He promoted his almanac 'A year 2023 in great shape' and did not fail (as usual) to give health advice. This time, Michel Cymes talked about the diet as well as the effective method to lose weight .

In the eyes of the one:

“Diets are useless. '.

Michel Cymes insists on the fact that diets are ineffective . For him, the secret of weight loss lies rather in Understanding what “balanced diet” is .

'Serious nutritionists explain this to you all year round, even those who come out of books on diets...', he confessed.

Doctor then continued saying :

'If the body needs things that you don't give it, at some point it's going to catch up, it's going to get revenge and it's going to take it one way or another. These diets, yes of course, if you want to lose 5 or 10 kilos before the holidays to go to the beach, you can lose them easily, but in September, you will gain 15! »

Michel Cymes: his advice for losing weight

For Michel Cymes, the restrictions have no place on our plates , not even for losing weight ! You can absolutely take pleasure in eating whether it is eating sugar, salt, fat or others. However, what you need to do is have a balanced diet 'which will provide everything the body may need during the day' .

According to him :

“We can overdo it! We overdid it on the 24th, 25th and 31st, but it doesn't matter as long as the next day you are a little careful. »

So, rather than going on a diet, Michel Cymes advises you “to stop buying, if possible, processed, industrial products. Take fruit sugar and not refined sugar”. That's not all ! Also avoid eating too quickly .

“The brain needs 20 minutes to understand that you have eaten. It's satiety, 'said the father of the family.

Therefore, if you eat for less than 20 minutes, Michel Cymes reported that your brain won't have time to figure out what's eating you z. He will not have time to receive the necessary calories then.

“So when we eat, we chew […] In the saliva, there is an enzyme, which we call salivary amylase, which begins to break down food and which will help the stomach,” he said. concluded.

Vincent Cerutti's impressive weight loss

Speaking of weight loss, host Vincent Cerutti showed off her impressive weight loss recently . According to his words, he went from 99 kilos to 85 kilos, and this , without exercising.

The snapshot he posted on Instagram provoked an avalanche of reactions from its subscribers, surprised by this metamorphosis. And to answer their questions, the former host of Dancing with the stars posted a video in which he reveals the diet that allowed him to lose weight without playing sports .

“For a month, in the evening, I stopped eating pasta, rice, potatoes and white sugar (…) I managed to lose 4.5 kilos. So, already, I was happy (…) “, he confessed.

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He then entrusted having consulted a health professional :

'In September, I saw a nutritionist who said to me: 'It's easy Vincent, you're going to do intermittent fasting. You are only going to have one meal a day, but a balanced meal” (…) and lots of water all day. »

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