Michel Cymes: his secrets on the sharing of tasks with his wife

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Tuesday January 3, 2023 in 'C to you', Michel Cymes addressed the subject of the mental load in couples, especially in his own.

  Michel Cymès: his secrets on the sharing of tasks with his wife

As part of the release of his almanac 'A year 2023 in great shape' (Solar editions), Michel Cymes gave an interview on the set of 'C à Vous' . During this interview, he did not hesitate to mention l'impact de la charge mentale on the well-being of parents, especially mothers. The favorite doctor of the French also spoke of his own division of tasks with his wife Nathalie . Here are all the details.

Michel Cymes: who is his wife Nathalie?

On May 23, 2021, Michel Cymes celebrated 6 years of marriage with Nathalie . As a reminder, the lovebirds met at their workplace. At the time, he was doctor-presenter of Allô Docteurs on France 5 while Nathalie was in charge of communications .

what the fuck love at first sight between the two people . Very quickly, they became a couple. On the other hand, it was not until 2015 that Michel Cymes said “yes” to this Franco-Argentinean. During an interview with Femme Actuelle, Michel Cymes went back on this union .

Although very discreet about his private life, the ex-host of “It won’t come out of here” agreed to deliver on his marriage proposal which didn't go as planned. According to his confession:

“I knew that this union had meaning for Nathalie. It had been years since we had mentioned the subject and I wanted to surprise him. Nathalie was so stuck, that instead of saying to me: 'My love, it's wonderful', she just answered me: 'Uh, well yes'. We ended up yelling at each other: ‘Thank you for your reaction, I’ve been thinking about it for years and you’re just telling me that! »

Nathalie: a jealous woman

Between Michel Cymes and Nathalie, it's love with a capital A . However, like all couples, they also sometimes argue. Arguments that sometimes get triggered because of his wife's jealousy .

This last got jealous on several occasions . She doesn't question her husband's profession so much, but rather his working relationship with Adriana Karembeu .

The latter co-hosts with Michel Cymes the program 'The extraordinary powers of the human body'. They are very accomplices on the screen and even tease each other most of the time . Something that visibly bothers the doctor's wife.

However, Michel Cymes tried to reassure his wife about Adriana Karembeu.

'When I get home, I give the script to my wife to read and she discovers the passage which states: 'Adriana and Michel are going into the igloo, where they are going to spend the night.' She exploded: 'It's a joke !' '; he said.

In order to mitigate Nathalie's jealousy , the host decided to organize a dinner with Adriana Karembeu and her spouse. That surely dispelled his wife's doubts .

Michel Cymes evokes the sharing of tasks with his wife

Despite its minor problems, the couple remains very united . They help each other whether it is on the professional side or in their family life. Indeed, for Michel Cymes, the man must also play its role within the home .

He also told on the set of the show 'C à Vous' the impact of mental workload on parental well-being , especially mothers.

“Women run constantly in the morning for the children, during the day to work, in the evening for shopping and homework because the man does not play his role,” he said.

According to him, women must ask their spouse to lend a hand for sharing household chores.

“We are not made like that too, we have to face reality. You have to say 'I do this, this and this, if you can take part of this little job of the day, it could relieve me a lot'. I can tell you because my wife did it to me recently! “, he confessed.

Confessions about his children

As a reminder, Michel Cymes is the father of three boys , including an 11-year-old teenager born of his union with his wife Nathalie Cymes. The youngest of them at the age to go to school in the morning . And according to the confidences of his father, he is, most of the time, late to go to school.

'I always blamed him for being late when he left,' he said to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

What his companion Nathalie would have ended up answering :

'Well, you're going to help me in the morning with part of the job. »

It was then necessary for Michel Cymes to become aware of the need for a helping hand 'even ten minutes' to free up time for his wife. The education of his children is very important for the father of the family. He cares about them and even their future .

During an interview with Télé-Star on September 18, 2020, Dr. confessed to being an anxious father . He also revealed about his two boys:

“I will let them do TV, even if it is not on the agenda. If I advised them against doing medicine, it was extremely selfish of me. It was so as not to make an ulcer each time they would pass a competition! »

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