Michel Cymes: the famous doctor attacks Lionel Messi on the set of C à vous

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Michel Cymes in addition to remaining a doctor animator, has another passion, football, and he does not forget to talk about it.

  Michel Cymes: the famous doctor s'en prend à Lionel Messi sur le plateau de C à vous

Michel Cymes is well known to be one of the very well-known animating doctors of television. But, beyond his work, he has a passion, football. So when he was able to be invited on the set of C à vous, on January 3, he was able to talk about football . More specifically, he remains a huge fan of one club in particular, Paris Saint Germain. And obviously, he seems very upset against Lionel Messi. And he does not fail to make it known during his passage on the show. We'll explaine everything here.

Michel Cymes, sporting passion

With his work as a medical facilitator, Michel Cymes seems to keep time to enjoy his passion, football. Far from going to the field, he prefers to stay in the stands to encourage his heart club, Paris Saint-Germain . Moreover, he seems very often present at the Parc des Princes to watch many matches.

Michel Cymes was able to be invited on the set of C à vous. Especially to promote his new book, A year 2023 in great shape. So, if he seemed present to talk above all about his book, he also decided to confide his few angers of the moment. And obviously, a football player remains the source. This is Lionel Messi . France and Argentina were in the World Cup final against each other. It remains Lionel Messi's side who finally brought home the cup. What create a strong disappointment among the French, and in particular among the young Kylian Mbappé.

A meeting with a double meaning

This World Cup final was much more than just two countries facing each other. Already, because for Lionel Messi, this turned out to be his last World Cup. And in his entire career, he only lacked this trophy. But also, because France Argentina, it means the star player Kylian Mbappe , against captain Lionel Messi . Also, these two men both remain essential members of Michel Cymes' favorite club, Paris Saint Germain.

But, while the Argentinian won the World Cup, many celebrations after the match and even after their return to their country aimed to belittle Kylian Mbappé. An attitude that has irritated many French people and also supports players like Michel Cymes. In effect, we especially saw the goalkeeper of the Argentina team constantly provoke the French player , even several days after their victory.

Except that precisely this attitude, Kylian Mbappé was able to express himself on it, saying that he was moving on and that it did not interest him. But Michel Cymes seems very worried about the return of Lionel Messi to the same team as Kylian Mbappé. “ Me what worries me a lot is the return of Messi to PSG . Mbappé may say that he has moved on, I think that Messi will still have to explain why he absolutely did not react on the bus, alongside the puppet, adding that he hadn't seen her . There, he has an ophthalmological problem ”.

An unfair attitude

And if Lionel Messi did not seem the author of the greatest mockery, he still decided to remain passive, not preventing anyone from making fun of his club teammate. And that, Michel Cymes does not seem to endorse it “ I'm worried, he will have to really apologize to Mbappé. It's a lack of respect and it's not a good example for kids. In sport we respect each other, whether we have lost, whether we have won, we must respect each other ”.

And if Michel Cymes remains angry with Lionel Messi, it is above all the Argentinian goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez who remains the most hated of the Blues supporters. He even chose to strengthen his security service. “ His behavior is obscenity knowing the number of children, young people who watched it. These stories with the puppet bearing the image of Mbappé, it's indelicacy . You have to respect the opponent, especially when he has lost ”. We can then understand the bitterness of the host doctor against the Argentina team.

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