Michel Drucker: the host confides in his worst anxiety at the start of his career

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As Michel Drucker began his career, he seemed to have great anxiety which he confided recently.

  Michel Drucker : l'animateur se confie sur sa pire angoisse au début de sa carrière

France 3 was able to broadcast a documentary on Wednesday December 21. The latter is dedicated to the first four years of broadcast of Michel Drucker's program . The latter was called Once Upon a Time Champs-Elysées: from 1982 to 1985. The documentary seemed to be an opportunity for the cult animator to return on his early career and his first anguish. We'll explaine everything here.

Michel Drucker, a long career

Michel Drucker had a very long career behind him at the age of 80. Moreover, many seem to forget that in his early days, he started as a sports commentator. Moreover, it allowed him to meet the famous Brazilian football star Pelé who recently died. . From this player, the host was even able to receive a very significant gift. Michel Drucker commented on what was the player's very last World Cup. And in the end, the latter offered him his pair of crampons. A gesture of great significance.

But after this very honorable career as a sports commentator, Michel Drucker decided to turn to television entertainment. We found her on TF1 with the program Les rendez-vous du dimanche, but also Stars. But shortly after, he decided to go to Antenne 2 . On this channel, he presents the program Champs-Élysées . And it remains from this show that his career clearly took on importance. And from 1982 to 1990, he was therefore able to receive many personalities on his set. Like Johnny Hallyday, Dalida, Michel Sardou, Celine Dion or even Jean-Jacques Goldman .

But, on December 21, for the 40th anniversary of Michel Drucker's flagship program, the host decided to look back on his career, but especially the beginnings. He remembers many memories well, whether they seem funny, sad, moving or even terrifying. He was also able to address his state of mind when he arrived on public service. “ I was already drugged by this job. The weekly did not scare me because I was in good physical shape, because I was already athletic, because I had a strong enough mind. But never, I would have imagined that it would last so long ”.

A fear far from reality

And if Michel Drucker had a fear, it concerns the duration of his career. The one who seemed terrified at the idea that his career was only ephemeral is indeed one of those who had the longest in the world of the small screen. At the age of 80, the latter still continues to receive personality on his show Vivement Dimanche. And if one day he no longer presents the show, he lets it be understood that it will be, because he will have disappeared. He confided that “ My anxiety was that it wouldn't last . As I deeply love this profession, I said to myself: as long as it continues ”.

It must be said that from the beginning of his career, Michel Drucker knew that the world of television can change quickly. And that even if it is popular at a time, that does not mean that it will remain eternal. “ We are acrobats . There is no job security in our jobs. All it takes is a chain boss (and God knows chain bosses have changed a lot in ten years) to arrive, change your show and then it's over ”.

But even though his show eventually ended in 1990, that didn't stop the host from presenting and hosting other projects. We found Studio Gabriel, Evening Wear, the Grand Show and especially Vivement Dimanche. Thus, the one who feared above all to have an ephemeral career is one of those who have spent the most time on the air. And obviously, it's still not over!

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