Michel Drucker: this day when he was entitled to an invaluable gift from King Pelé

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As Brazilian football player Pelé passed away last Friday, Michel Drucker remembers the gift he received.

  Michel Drucker: this day when he was entitled to an invaluable gift from King Pelé

Last Friday, the famous Brazilian soccer player, Pele , is dead. He had been battling colon cancer for a long time. But, his condition seeming to deteriorate, he had to be hospitalized at the end of November. It therefore remains after spending the end of year celebrations with his family with him in the hospital, that the legend, “the King”, ended up losing his fight. . For the occasion, Michel Drucker has decided to pay tribute to him on Europe 1 Sport. He took the opportunity to recall this gift that the player had offered to the facilitator. We'll explaine everything here.

Michel Drucker, a diversified career

Michel Drucker remains one of the big names in French television. He remains well known to the French for his show Vivement Dimanche . In the latter, he receives many distinguished guests. And in this way, he has already been able to speak with many celebrities. However, if he remains well known for this show, which he considers his baby, he remains less known elsewhere.

Actually Michel Drucker, also remains one of the important French journalists . He had also commented on many World Cups, five in total. So inevitably, when he learned of the death of the player Pelé, he wanted to pay tribute to him. It must be said that the Brazilian player remains a great player in this sport. So he decides to go to the microphone of Europe 1 Sport to be able to express himself on his memories with the player .

It must be said that Michel Drucker comments on the 1970 World Cup, and the latter also remained the last match of the player Pelé. A strong memory for the sports journalist. “ From the final whistle, it was his last World Cup, he was in tears . He took off his jersey and, shirtless, he walked around the stadium for very, very long minutes. to say goodbye to the whole world ”. But, in addition to the great match that the journalist was able to see, the Brazilian player even gave him a gift. An unforgettable moment for the journalist.

The legend's gift to the journalist

But Michel Drucker during this famous World Cup was able to meet Pelé. But on top of that, he was able to bond with him. He was therefore able to reminisce about his memories with the Brazilian legend at the microphone of Europe 1 Sport. “ We got on very well, he was an extremely nice person ”. So, with this budding relationship, the player decided to give the journalist a gift. And the latter remains very symbolic. These were the shoes from his last game. “ When he returned to Europe, he passed me the shoes from his 1970 final which were Pumas at the time ”. It must be said that this gift has a strong symbolism as well as a great value both sentimental and pecuniary.

Naturally, Michel Drucker decided to offer them to his son. Finally, Michel Drucker did not fail to praise this player that everyone calls the king. “ Pelé was both Maradona plus Messi plus Mbappé plus Cristiano Ronaldo plus Zidane. He was a monument, he was a living God ”.

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