Michel Drucker: what you need to know about his wife Dany Saval and why they never had children

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Michel Drucker has decided to adopt the daughter of his wife Dany Saval. But together they never had children

  Michel Drucker: what'il faut savoir sur sa femme Dany Saval et pourquoi ils n’ont jamais eu d’enfants

Michel Drucker is an emblematic figure of French screens. Lately, he has been talked about because of health problems. Indeed, Michel Drucker would be hospitalized for a battery of examinations . This event was an opportunity to look back on his life course and to wonder about their different life choices.

Michel Drucker is talking about him at the start of 2023: how is he?

The French host and producer scared the French. On February 8, the media relayed information that was disturbing to say the least. In short, Michel Drucker is currently hospitalized for health reasons. Indeed, he is in Île-de-France to carry out medical tests . Apparently, following his heart operation in 2020 , this visit is necessary.

Fortunately, the producer should return home quickly if the exams allow it.

The last news about Michael Drucker have raised new questions about him. In fact, the media found this event to be an opportunity to a new zoom on the life of the producer. Thus, Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez informed the public that he exchanged every day with the French producer. Consequently, the director of antennas and programs of the public audiovisual group encouraged Michel Drucker to take a rest.

This is a new opportunity for his sweetheart, Dany Saval, to watch over his great love.

Indeed, the lovers met in 1972 on the set of the show With the heart. From the start, they loved each other like crazy. From then on, the lovers never left each other and their love has gone through the years remaining intact. Both of them love the middle of the 7 It is art and complement each other. Michel is an animator and producer. Dany Saval is a French actress.

Michel Drucker adopted the daughter of his wife Dany Saval

The beautiful wife of Michel Drucker already had a daughter from a previous union. Very quickly, Michel Drucker will consider Stéfanie as his own offspring. In addition, his life completely changed as soon as his sweetheart came back into his life with his little girl. An upheaval that Michel Drucker recognized as being unspeakable happiness. The least we can say is that the French producer has become a completely different man in no time. “I went from being a 29-year-old single man to being the head of a family,” he recounted in 2020 for Gala.

Immediately, Michel Drucker linked a very strong relationship with his daughter-in-law, so much so that he decided to adopt her. Nevertheless, he and his wife never had children together. To this end, Michel Drucker explained himself. Actually, his wife refused to relive the pregnancy she experienced for the birth of Stéfanie. Indeed, it seems that she has experienced immense trauma.

He does not regret not having had a biological child

Rightly, the beautiful actress did not want to relive that. “This child was born very premature since he was born at five and a half months of pregnancy. I knew right away that she almost passed out, at birth: she was born at 5 months and one week. Three months of an incubator in Los Angeles. Every evening, leaving the maternity ward, Dany didn't know if the little one would still be there the next day. “, he detailed with emotion.

If some might think that Michel Drucker is unhappy not to have a biological child, it is not so. On the contrary, the producer considers himself lucky to have Stéfanie as a daughter 'Stefanie, her daughter was 5 years old. I fell in love with Stéfanie, I immediately considered her my family. I saw her grow, work, the years passed and I did not feel the need to have another child. ', did he declare.

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