Michel Galabru: his daughter in tears, evoking the actor in Vivement Dimanche

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Emmanuelle Galabru appeared in 'Vivement Dimanche'. This is an opportunity for her to talk about her father, Michel Galabru, legendary actor.

  Michel Galabru: his daughter in tears, evoking the actor in Vivement Dimanche

Michel Galabru is an emblematic character of French cinema . Duo of Louis de Funès in Les Gendarmes, the actor had a long career in filmography . The actor appears in many films and is one of the favorite actors in France . He died on January 4, 2016, his wife's birthday. He was a talented comedian, but he was also a loving husband and father. This Sunday, January 22, on the red couch of Vivement Dimanche, his daughter Emmanuelle Galabru evoked his memory . A strong emotional moment.

The unparalleled generosity of Michel Galabru

This Sunday, January 22, Michel Drucker invited Emmanuelle Galabru, the daughter of Michel Galabru in 'Vivement Dimanche' . Very moved, she was on the verge of tears when talking about her father, 7 years after his death .

'That's it, it's starting. If you don't talk about people anymore, that's how they really disappear,' she said, grateful for the presenter's invitation.

The 46 year old woman had a lot of respect for this great man .

“My father was more than humble even too much because he considered himself a second-rate actor. He had no awareness at all of being so loved and rightly loved because he was a loving man so I think the love that shone through from him, people received it and returned it to him as that,” she said.

The actor played great roles. But this last was not very rich . Yet that never stopped him from being generous.

“It was a pierced pocket. You could track him, but that's his generosity. To him, money had no value,” she continued.

It was a very noble quality . On the other hand, many took advantage of it.

“He was being cheated a lot. Me, I always said that he was very fond of pets, but even more pet scammers, ”said the daughter of Michel Galabru, about him.

Nevertheless, he didn't even have any resentment towards them . Their nerve fascinated him.

A moving moment with the daughter of Michel Galabru

Emmanuel Galabru told very tender anecdotes about his father . Obviously, the actress has always been very proud of her dad. She hadn't been to her dad's shoots much. However, she remembers a distant memory that marked him in his youth .

She notably mentioned the filming of Murderous Summer when she met Isabelle Adjani for the first time . She confessed that it was this great lady who made her want to become an actress.

Michel Galabru was against this idea, but her daughter was stubborn all the same .

“And then one moment there is my daughter too, very small, who says that she wants to be an actress and he replied 'oh that's it, we are still in deep shit'. So, no, it didn't make him happy,” she says after a chuckle.

This little story had the gift of brightening up the set of 'Vivement Dimanche' . Then the atmosphere had become a little more nostalgic again when Michel Drucker launched an old cliché .

The screen was displaying a childhood photograph of Emmanuelle Galabru. The image was taken when she was playing in the boulevard of Marc Camoletti Boeing Boeing. His parents were present at his side to watch their little girl at work .

It was too many emotions for Emmanuelle Galabru. A mixture of affection and orphan grief that still shines through her eyes misted with tears .

'Ah, I miss them both,' she said.

'I'm like an idiot on my own, I'm going to go too'

Michael Galabru played in very famous plays like Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez , La cage aux folies and Grandpa resists. In On purge bébé and Les Rustres, he even plays in the same room as his daughter, Emmanuelle Galabru.

The comedian fell in love with Claude Etevenon , whom he married in the 1990s.

“They were from two totally different worlds, when they met my mother was a lawyer (…) It was a great story to the point that it's true, here it is, my mother left on July 21, 2015, and my father said, when she left: 'You can't understand how I loved that woman, now that I'm like an idiot on my own, I'm going to go too'. I said ‘Uh, no…’”, recalls Emmanuelle Galabru again.

On the red sofa of the confidences of 'Vivement Dimanche', she evoked this day when s our father died 6 months after this famous discussion . The latter would finally join the love of his life at the age of 93:

“And January 4 is my mother’s birthday and he left that day. That's how I was able to poetically present to my daughter the departure of her grandfather, of her Papillon – that's what she called him – by saying to her: 'Papillon has made a very nice birthday present to grandma, he went to join her in heaven to wish her birthday.'”

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