Michel Polnareff: his heartbreaking secrets about the 'brutal' childhood he experienced

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Faced with Nikos Aliagas, Michel Polnareff made heartbreaking confidences about his difficult childhood alongside a father who beat him.

  Michel Polnareff

Michel Polnareff is probably no longer to be presented. Recognizable thanks to his unique look (bleached blond hair, white glasses and tight pants) he is undeniably one of the greatest singers of his generation . For the record, the songwriter was born in Nérac in Lot-et-Garonne on July 3, 1944. A true pacifist, Michel Polnareff has a very pronounced taste for provocation , as evidenced by the lyrics of some of his songs. It should be noted that in his repertoire, he has various successful hits including 'La Poupee qui fait non'. Released in 1966, this song will reveal it to the general public and follow other titles such as “We will all go to paradise” and without forgetting the mythical “Lettre à France”. On personal plans, Michel Polnareff is the proud father of Louka . And like all parents, he worries about his kid. The singer is particularly concerned about not having the right method to educate him.

Michel Polnareff: a return that promises to be grandiose

Michel Polnareff, it's more than 50 years of career . And for 2023, the singer wants to mark the occasion by organizing a huge tour, which will kick off on May 24. To the delight of his fans, he will travel around twenty major cities including Toulouse, Nantes, Ajaccio, Paris, etc. Note that the last date of his tour, which will occur on a central stage, will end on July 8 , in Nimes.

  Michel Polnareff
Singer Michel Polnareff performs at the AccorHotels Arena Bercy: Day 4 on May 11, 2016 in Paris – Photo credits: Getty Images

You should know that this big comeback will take place 7 years after the end of his last tour. And this, because of his health problems. Now in great shape, Michel Polnareff intends to take his revenge and satisfy his public who waited impatiently. For this great event, Michel Polnareff will obviously resume his greatest successes, but in piano-voice version this time .

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Like “Polnareff sings Polnareff”, his cover album released last November. Regarding the poster, as a real provocateur, the singer did not choose just any to illustrate his comeback . Indeed, the interpreter of 'Goodbye Marilou' reused that of the Olympia 1972 which, at the time, had caused enormous controversy. For good reason, in the image, the latter had shown his posterior. Accused of indecent assault, he was subsequently forced into exile in the United States .

'I don't think I'm an exceptional father'

In short, at 79, Michel Polnareff has probably lost none of its ardor and does not intend to say goodbye to the scene.

“I have never composed so many new things! “, he said in particular to AFP.

Thus, for his highly anticipated tour, Michel Polnareff promises us a spectacular show. And to promote it, on Saturday May 20, 2023, he was present in “ 50’ Inside '. An opportunity for the singer to confide in his personal life in the face of a Nikos Aliagas who was very attentive . The septuagenarian notably returned to his son Louka. Born in 2010, the latter is the fruit of his love with Danyellah. Although he is not the biological father of the boy , that did not stop him from loving him as if he were his own. He stated :

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' I love it. Me, I don't think I'm an exceptional father, but I have a problem, which is to say that I want to be exactly with him, the opposite of what my father was with me. So maybe I'm being too lax. »

You should know that Michel Polnareff didn't have an easy childhood . The reason ? He experienced many abuses from his father.

“I was beaten, beaten”

With emotion, he notably confided that his father “was very tough” .


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“Very difficult and very brutal. Physically brutal. I was beaten, beaten… The thing where I am very happy is that I have forgiven. I forgive him. To this day, I forgive him. »

  Michel Polnareff
Portrait of singer Michel Polnareff on 30 May 1985 in Paris, France – Photo credits: Getty Images

Note that this is not the first time that the singer speaks candidly about the abuse he endured as a child . Indeed, in November 2022, in the columns of France Sunday, Michel Polnareff had already mentioned the subject. According to him, he was not allowed to listen to it at home. And when his father discovered his passion for rock, the latter had hit him with a belt. Despite all the harm he caused him, Michel Polnareff does not hold grudges against his parent .

“But I forgave after twenty years. I know how to be quick when necessary,” he said.

And to add:

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'I can't blame him for making me a slave to piano studies. The only thing that I reproach him for is having put a belt on me every time I hit a wrong note or sang out of tune on something in music theory. »

From now on a happy man, Michel Polnareff assures that forgiving his father was important for his person. However, he doesn't want to make the same mistakes he did.

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