Michel Sardou: 'She's stupid' he attacks Marine Tondelier

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Aged 75, Michel Sardou has lost none of his outspokenness. A bit reactionary, he recently tackled an elected EELV.

  Michel Sardou: 'She's stupid' he s'en prend à Marine Tondelier

The interpreter of the Connemara Lakes doesn't have his tongue in his pocket. Also, during his interviews, Michel Sardou does not hesitate to show himself very critical of our time . Thus, in 2019, he declared on the airwaves of RTL ' I hate that time' . And to add: 'We don't have any freedom anymore... Remember the 70s, 80s... We used to smoke, we drove fast...'. From now on, the artist seems unhappy, in the middle of a 21ᵉ century . But his quirky tone makes it a very good client for TV shows . Also, on January 18, Michel Sardou gave an interview on BFM TV , honestly. The opportunity to attack part of the political class, in particular the are ecologists .

The singer does not accept the words of Marine Tondelier

On the political plan, Michel Sardou ranks rather to the right of the chessboard . Moreover, he knows Nicolas Sarkozy personally. Nicolas is a man who does what he says. He says things that are reasonable and doable. » According to the artist, you pay to lose from sa superbe , and he does not hesitate to assume rather conservative ideas . “We live in a state of complete welfare, there are those who abuse! We have lost the taste for effort and the children do not care about school. They want to become rich and famous. But you have to work! »

When we reread these lines, it is hard to believe that the same Michel Sardou sang 80s women , several decades ago. So when BFMTV journalists questioned him about ecology, the artist's answer exceeded all their expectations. In the crosshairs of Michel Sardou? Marine Tondelier, an elected NUPES, attached to EELV . However, the latter recently declared that she wanted a France without millionaires. There was no need for more to annoy the singer . She doesn't talk about ecology, she says she wants Bernard Arnault's skin. But she is c*n! Bernard Arnault employs thousands of people. (…) I like ecology, but I don’t like political ecology! »

The MP is amused by the criticisms launched by Michel Sardou

Faced with this rather vehement tirade, Marine Tondelier preferred to react calmly . “I saw that he was a little worried about my words and it is likely to reassure me. » If she regrets the insults that Michel Sardou uttered , she replied with a simple touch of humor. ' I think that for example the retirement age could be brought forward for Michel Sardou”.

I have to say that the artist does not often show restraint in his declarations. « He finds that Greta Thunberg is completely turned on, it's bad to know her. He finds it very frustrating in his life not being able to drive more than 130 km/h on the highway, a lot of people get over it and he thinks billionaires are great. » Facing the tackle of Michel Sardou , Marine Tondelier believes that she has the right to express her opinion politely. 'I have the right to disagree. »

Later, the secretary of Europe Ecology The Greens gave a layer of it, in a rather ironic tweet. “What Michel Sardou (…) must also understand is that environmentalists are trying to save the lakes of Connemara. »

After the slippage of the singer, other political figures also gave their support to Marine Tondelier. Like Sandrine Rousseau. often mocked, this elected ecofeminist joined the procession of the demonstrations this subject. With a rather clear sign, addressed to Michel Sardou. It must be said that she, too, suffered the scathing remarks of the singer. Indeed, he did not hesitate to publicly complain Sandrine Rousseau's husband . Poor guy, frankly. Shouldn't we take a walk to help this poor guy? My poor boy what did you stumble upon! It's hell. »

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