Mimie Mathy: saddened by the death of Roger Louret, she pays him a vibrant tribute

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Mimie Mathy is in mourning after the disappearance of her friend Roger Louret. Devastated, the actress revealed her last moments with him.

  Mimie Mathy: saddened by the death of Roger Louret, she pays him a vibrant tribute

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, the world of comedy Lost one of his members : Roger Louret . A loss that devastated Mimie Mathy, because the two actors were friends . To pay tribute to him, the actress of 'Josephine, guardian angel' spoke out in a series of tweets . All the details in this article.

The disappearance of Roger Louret

On January 25, 2023, Roger Louret breathed his last at the age of 72 . The actor died of an illness at Villeneuve-sur-Lot hospital. It is the AFP which announced the bad news through a press release .

'A figure in the performing arts for more than 50 years, the director Roger Louret, who created several solo acts for Pierre Palmade, Muriel Robin or Guy Bedos, and founded the famous troupe 'Les Baladins en Agenais', died in 72 years “, can we read.

An ad that obviously shocked those close to the actor . This was for example the case of Jean-Pierre Foucault. Indeed, the two knew each other, because the deceased was the artistic director of the program “Les Années Tubes” on TF1 in the 90s

“Roger Louret left today… Discoverer of talents, creator of genius, he offered us at TF1 five years of unforgettable hit years. Thank you, “wrote the presenter of TF1 on Twitter in particular.

The moving tribute of Mimie Mathy

It is clear that Jean-Pierre Foucault was not the only one to have paid tribute to Roger Louret . Indeed, Mimie Mathy, who was friends with the one who made the film 'Elie Semoun at the Olympia', was devastated.

It is therefore on Twitter also that the star of the small screen has dedicated a series of tweets to him. Reading it, we see that it did not hesitate to express all his sorrow . The comedian also did not fail to accompany his text with a magnificent photo. On the picture, we can see Mimie Mathy all smiles with Roger Louret.

“My Roger, I just wanted to reassure you one last time. Here on earth without you, it will never be the same. How many friends have passed through your baladins? How much do you owe the start of their career? “, can we then read.

In his lines, Mimie Mathy also returned to the last moments that she spent with Roger Louret. As a reminder, the latter had battled against the disease. A disease that the wife of Benoist Gérard thought he was going to win .

“Thanks to Muriel, the one and only, we “chatted” together. I liked it so much that I “Repapoté” a few years later, still with you. We ate pigs' trotters at Jenny's. The last time I spoke to you, you were better, and even well, “revealed the actress of” Josephine, guardian angel “.

Mimie Mathy then concluded with:

“You had overcome and won a new battle against the disease. But that was before the sad news yesterday. I hope you will find Pierre Cassignard up there. That you are going to drink to our health. I trust you to set the mood and sing and put on new musical shows as you know how to do so well. I already miss you. Strong kisses. »

In short, moving words that would certainly have pleases the late if he was still there .

Mimie Mathy in tears

As long as we know her, Mimie Mathy is sensitive and does not hide it . It is therefore obvious that the death of Roger Louret affects her. Moreover, this is not the first time that she shows her emotions lately .

Indeed, on January 14, 2023, the actress shed hot tears while on tour with Les Enfoirés. And for good reason, Mimie Mathy was entitled to a very special tribute.

Moved by attention, one with achondroplasia couldn't hold back her tears . You can also find this sequence, because the video went viral on TikTok . In the sequence, we could hear Mimie Mathy say on stage:

“There is the family we have and we have the family we create, and the Enfoirés for me is a great family. »

It should be noted that Mimie Mathy has never missed a single edition of the 'Enfoirés' since 1994. Except in 2022, due to a health problem. In addition to that, she has also been the sponsor of Restos du Cœur since 2008 .

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