Miou-Miou reveals her little-known love story with Coluche

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At the end of the 60s, Miou-Miou and Coluche shared a love story. An idyll that the mother of the actress had a hard time accepting.

  Miou-Miou reveals her little-known love story with Coluche

Miou-Miou appeared in La Bande Originale to talk about the film 'Constance aux enfers', in which she occupies the main role. The feature film directed by Gaël Morel describes the incredible adventure of Constance Brunel. The TV movie will also count on the participation of Jérôme Deschamps , Aurore Clément and Salim Kechiouche. At the microphone of the program hosted by Nagui, this February 1, Miou-Miou made rare secrets about his youth. This is how she returned to her relationship with Coluche . Her mother was absolutely against their relationship. She had even threatened the famous comedian to leave his daughter alone. Discover the unpublished confidences of Miou-Miou in the next lines.

The beginning of the idyll between Miou-Miou and Coluche

This Wednesday, February 1, 2023, Miou-Miou was on the show “La Bande Originale” . She notably promoted the film “Constance aux enfers” in which she played the leading role.

Asked by Nagui, the actress has made great confidences about his youth . Everyone still called her Sylvette Herry.

She says that at the end of the 1960s, she shared a love story with Coluche. That day, the young Miou-Miou was with his sister .

“We went to the Contrescarpe in a cabaret called the Method. There was Coluche who also sang. Taking advantage of the owner’s absence, he had already painted the piano pink,” she recalls.

The comedian asked him a funny question .

“He told us, my sister and me: “If one of you likes me, let her tell me right away, we will save time. »Always pragmatic. I still thought a bit, ”she continued.

Miou-Miou's mother wanted to file a complaint against Coluche

At the microphone of France Inter, Miou-Miou confided that his entourage had a hard time accepting this relationship . This is particularly the case of his mother who was ready to file a complaint against the actor who died in 1986.

“My mother said she would attack Coluche, [for] embezzlement of a minor,” she recalls.

At the time, she was only 18 years old, while the stage man was already 24 years old . She was quick to react to this threat.

'I said to my mother: 'At that time, I'm going to go sting in the stores, so you'll be responsible,'' she said.

Driven by the affection she felt for Coluche, young Miou-Miou rebelled against her mother .

“I slammed the door to my house. I was emancipated the same day and I broke my apprenticeship contract because anyway, I already had my CAP,” she confided.

Obviously, the actress was really in love with Coluche . She was determined to pursue a love affair with him. Their relationship lasted for a few years. After that, the actress fell in love with Patrick Dewaere on the set of a film in 1971. The fruit of their union gave birth to a lovely baby girl , Angèle Herry, who became a screenwriter.

A nickname given by Coluche

Sylvette Herry took his first steps in Café de la Gare . She started dating Coluche during this early career.

She had a passionate relationship with him. But did you know that it is the actor who has he found his stage? According to the actress, the latter would have said to her:

'You're all soft, all soft, all miou-miou! »

The surname also referred to the voice of the actress which reminded him of the mewing of a cat.

“If I had thought of being famous, I would not have chosen it. But when I saw that it bothered the producers, I kept it, “she had already confessed in The Obs.

Today, she is particularly attached to this nickname .

'They wouldn't have let me. That said, I like it because it couldn't get more ridiculous or add a nickname. And then it sounds like a caress. At the hotel, at the restaurant, they only call me “Mme Miou-Miou” and I love it. Apart from the madam side which underlines the aging! “, she told reporters from La Nouvelle République.

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