More beautiful life: an actor attracts the ire after a controversial publication 'Being fat is a choice'

modified: 2023-01-11 15:05:02

One of the actors in the series Plus belle la vie is controversial after his big physical transformation.

  More beautiful life: an actor attracts the wrath after a controversial publication 'Being big, c'est un choix »

For several months now, the Serie More beautiful life has come to an end. And a former actor of the series has decided to make big changes in his life. And it started with his physique. So after a big transformation, the latter made remarks that caused controversy . Indeed, below his photo with his incredible transformation, he put words that really don't matter anymore. We'll explaine everything here.

The transformation of this actor of Plus belle la vie

It turns out that one of the actors of Plus belle la vie, Kjel Bennett, has decided to make a big physical transformation. Since January 9, he has caused a lot of ink to flow by describing his big weight loss in some pretty harsh words . And if his subscribers seemed proud to see him change physically, it quickly ended by reading his description.

In Plus belle la vie, Kjel Bennett embodies the role of Bilal Fadala. Maid since November, when the series ended, her body has changed a lot. Visibly tired of having extra pounds, the latter decided to make efforts to have the physique he wanted . Moreover, he is not the only one to sport a changed physique after the holidays. This remained the case of Issa Doumbia and many other television contestants .

But as the More Beautiful Life actor shared his efforts, he ended up sharing his best transformation photo. He therefore put many photos in Instagram stories. In the first photo, we see him shirtless with belly. In the caption, one can read “ Photo from August 17, 2022. I started the room on October 10 ”. But, it remains the next photo that created the controversy.

  More beautiful life
Source : Capture Instagram par Pure People

controversial remarks

Thus, the former actor of Plus belle la vie was able to share a photo of him, muscular and with this little belly less. A radical change that could have happened in the space of only three months. Something to be proud of for the actor. So he posts his photo with the description “ Photo of the day. Zero apologies. Discipline 100% ”. But it remains the sentence after the biggest problem “ Being fat is a choice ”. But very quickly, this sentence caused a reaction.

  More beautiful life
Source : Capture Story Instagram par Pure People

The former actor of Plus belle la vie quickly received many messages. Some did not fail to remind him that obesity can remain linked to a disease and not to a bad way of life. “ Go say that being fat is a choice for those who suffer from it every day and who are fat because of different eating disorders or illnesses. Or to all those who wish they could have the same determination, but who suffer from depression that prevents them from getting up every morning despite their willpower. ”.

The actor's defense

But faced with so many messages, the actor of Plus belle la vie decided to defend himself. He then states “ I received many such messages. Yes, it is indeed a choice. I'm not saying it's as easy when you're sick VS when you're not, but it's not impossible. The problem with these kinds of messages is to reassure people of laziness. It is to reassure procrastination. (…) You are not depressed and therefore unable to go to the gym, you are depressed because you refuse to go to the gym . Sometimes you have to do something you don't like to get something you like. (…) Saying ‘I can’t because…’ is already an excuse. Everybody can » and he also adds that even if there are different cases, it does not mean « in a general way, what [he says] is false ”.

Source : Pure People