More beautiful life: what happens to the actors of the favorite series of the French on France 3?

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A few months after the end of the cult series 'Plus belle la vie', some actors gave their news to Télé-Loisirs.

  More beautiful life: what happens to the actors of the favorite series of the French on France 3?

End clap for the cult series 'Plus belle de vie'. Launched August 30, 2004, the daily soap opera of France 3 bowed out Friday, November 18. An end announced after more than 18 years on the air, 4665 episodes and 29 bonuses. But what happened to the actors? During an interview with Télé-Loisirs, several actors have agreed to confide . Discover their confidences.

“More beautiful life”: the end

Since 2010, the series “Plus belle la vie” had been steadily losing viewers. There were 5.2 million viewers in 2011. That's not all! She had fallen below the bar of 2.2 million faithful, s is very below the scores of the group .

The fault at the same time with the multiplication of the chains, with a wear and tear of the concept, and at the appearance of other soap operas , including on the France Télévisions group, with “Un si grand soleil” since August 2018. Nevertheless, even with rising audiences, viewers have already known, 'Plus belle la vie' will end .

Fans of the soap opera waged a battle for it to continue , in vain. And even if the management of France Télévisions had assured that the Belle de Mai studios will continue to shoot , nothing was certain.

Delphine Ernotte, president of France Télévisions, assured in a press release France Télévisions would continue to invest in the Marseille region :

'From 2023, we will exceed the commitment made of 500 additional filming days in Marseille to compensate for the impact of the end of the soap opera', she said.

What happened to the actors?

After the end of the “PLus belle la vie” series, some actors have found refuge elsewhere , in other TV series. This is the case, for example, of Stéphane Hénon. Police officer Jean-Paul Boher is currently filming alongside Laurent Gerra in a thriller for France 2.

During an interview with Télé-Loisirs, he confessed:

“Three days after the end of Plus belle la vie, I went to Léo Mattéï with Jean-Luc Reichmann then I shot Meurtres à Font-Romeu with Béatrice de La Boulaye. There, I am about to play in a fiction with Laurent Gerra in the mountains. »

Dounia Coesens, the ex Johanna Marci, she, went from one daily soap opera to another . She now plays the role of Marie in 'Tomorrow belongs to us' on TF1.

If most of the actors and actresses turn, others on the other hand, have decided to hang up or change jobs , temporarily or permanently. This is the case of Michel Cordes, the emblematic boss of the Bar du 'Mistral', who now devotes all his time to woodcarving .

There are also other actors of 'Plus belle la vie' who got into music , like Laurent Kérusoré, who for 17 years played the son of Roland Marci and who will soon release a song on harassment or Théo Bertrand, alias Kévin Bélesta, who, at the end of the year, rapped in a slightly surreal clip with Jean Lassalle .

When he was asked about his plans for 2023 , the actor responded by saying:

'I had a house built in the Verdon but, with work, I hadn't had time to enjoy it. I also have a single called Barbara, which will be released on March 8. It talks about violence against women. The album will follow. I am developing a theater project. It would be a nice surprise for fans of Plus belle la vie…”

'More beautiful life': a sequel in sight?

The judgment of 'More beautiful life' seems to have rung and it's sad for all the fans . There is a chance that the series will continue elsewhere and perhaps differently in 2023 via a scop.

In an open letter, the technicians of 'Plus belle la vie' have decided to challenge the elected officials on the possible stopping of the soap opera ' More beautiful life '. They ask them to work for an extension. An extension that would not break the momentum given by this production in terms of activity. But also in terms and skills in the audiovisual sector in Marseille.

You should know that 'Plus belle la vie' is '572 days of filming per year' (out of a total of 1,434 days of filming in the city). Moreover, a studio employs 600 intermittent workers (the equivalent of a company of 120 people) and 30,000 days under contract per year . In this letter of hope, it was written:

“The rapid and brutal deadline will not leave us the time to develop new programs or a new showcase for the city”

An extension of PBLV would allow “to the Region, to the city and to national and international producers to take an interest in our assets and to create new content” .

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