'My mother got married in prison': Louis Garrel makes unexpected revelations about his private life!

modified: 2022-09-19 17:11:02

The young director Louis Garrel announces the release of his fourth film. He confides in his source of inspiration!

  Louis Garrel

Louis Garrel is a young director who has his whole future in the world of cinema. Already known by many people, he goes on the red carpet in Cannes for the presentation of his latest achievement. Release scheduled for next October, the latter opens his heart by telling journalists about a part of his youth.

Louis Garrel, part of his youth, his source of inspiration!

Although Louis Garrel's new film is inspired by his own life, he made it clear that it is by no means an autobiography. He told with emotion that part of his life where at the time his mother was a theater host in prison. She met an inmate with whom she would later marry.

And since the wedding ceremony was taking place in prison, he was unfortunately unable to attend his own mother's wedding. As it was a very special and unprecedented moment in his life, he decided to create a story about it.

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Note that in this film, Louis Garrel himself plays the role major in this achievement. And it was precisely after his presentation at the Cannes Film Festival that the director made his secret.

Much to his mother's surprise, the film is, in a way, a way for him to show his mother how sorry he was for her absence from his wedding in prison.

His fourth work presented at the Cannes Film Festival

Louis Garrel is a talented director. Last May, he was present among the great international directors for the presentation of his fourth film. The story tells the life of a woman who works in a prison and ends up falling in love with one of the inmates. . The two lovebirds even celebrated their marriage in prison. A film that is full of emotions. The first screening of the film called L’innocent will be done for this month of October.

A big surprise also for Brigitte Sy, the mother of the director . Remember that she too is an actress and director, attending the presentation of her son's film. She was actually unaware that the film: L’innocent directed by his son Louis Garrel, spoke a little about his story.

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Surprise ! She was delighted with her son's work. As for her reaction to the film, especially the background of the story, she was delighted. At no time did she show any signs of disapproval . She laughed at even highlighting her son Louis Garrel, during an interview. What to reveal the reaction of his mother Brigitte Sy. Louis Garrel is a promising star in the world great art. Talented and hardworking, he will go far.

Louis Garrel, actor and director, in the footsteps of his mother!

In his previous productions, the actor and director did not focused on his own experience. For this fourth film, however, he tells part of the story of his own life and that of his mother. But be careful, according to him, this film is far from being an autobiography . He certainly tells a few lines of his life, but nothing more.

Moviegoers are eagerly awaiting the official release of the film . Note that it will be scheduled for the 12th of October, a date not to be forgotten!