Nabilla: the young woman of 30 years is at the head of a real empire

modified: 2023-01-09 18:59:03

From an early age, Nabilla has been attracted to everything that shines. And for years, she did what was necessary to build her own empire.

  Nabilla: the young woman of 30 years is at the head of a real empire

For some years, people stopped laughing when they heard about Nabilla . Long considered a scatterbrained starlet, some now compare her to a French Kim Kardashian . Indeed, if she has long skimmed the filming of reality TV, the young woman has now founded her own family. And financially, Nabilla seems to manage her business with a master's hand . At 30, this key personality has built up a very solid heritage. According to her, she could already stop working and just enjoy her money . We tell you all about the incredible fortune of the pretty brunette.

Nabilla recounts the journey made alongside Thomas Vergara

Despite their explosive love, the young woman has never given up on her companion. The young man rose to fame thanks to his (shortened) passage in Secret Story, then in the Angels of Reality TV. The couple was therefore able to form under the moved eye of the cameras .

Nevertheless, the idyll may have seemed stormy . In 2014, Nabilla made the headlines of people, accused of having stabbed her lover. But, despite several ruptures announced, and also denied, the couple will have a first child in 2019 (Milann), followed by another in 2022 (Leyann). Today i They appear as two parents, very well established financially . But when they started together, things were very different. “Before, we had nothing with Thomas. I see money as freedom. If I want to go to China, I go to China. If I want to buy a house, I buy a house. »

A fairy tale for the former reality TV candidate

Long mocked and underestimated, Nabilla can now proudly display her revenge. As she prepares to celebrate her 31st next February, she no longer has to worry about her finances . 'Of course I could retire, because financially it's going very well. But at 30, it would be a little sad all the same. »

Indeed, the fortune amassed by Nabilla in a few years is enough to turn heads. And the starlet wants to take care of her loved ones , but she does not want to become a cash cow. 'Friends asked me for money, publicity, to pay for vacations...While before, they didn't ask me for anything, since I had nothing. I am always there for people. I help my family. But from there to becoming a counter, no. »

To live happy, live hidden. Nabilla ended up learning this harsh lesson. From now on, she tries to be more discreet about her income and his money in general. The goal? Avoid malicious people. Indeed, when you become rich, you quickly end up surrounded by friends. However, distinguishing sincere people may seem difficult. Now, the star wants to protect her privacy like her family . “It will always be taboo, in every country in the world. Even in relation to my family. I don't want them to know how much I earn. Already with fame, we are always afraid of being approached for the wrong reasons. So with the pecuniary aspect…”

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