Nagui: his poignant message accompanied by a snapshot to support King Pelé

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The French presenter, Nagui, recently paid tribute to the famous footballer suffering from colon cancer, Pelé.

  Nagui: his poignant message accompanied by a snapshot to support King Pelé

You probably all know than the legendary footballer , Pelé, is currently going through a difficult period. Now he has colon cancer. The end of the year celebrations promise to be difficult for the footballer's family. His illness therefore forced him to spend this time at the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo (Brazil). Unfortunately, it looks like the news is getting worse. In fact, his daughter Kelly do Nascimento recently gave some not very reassuring news from his father. She fears the worst given her state of health. Nagui, the French presenter, recently paid tribute to the famous footballer, Pelé . He therefore had the chance to meet him and used the snapshot that immortalizes this moment to pay tribute to him on his Instagram account. We'll explaine everything here !

Hospitalized in Brazil, his illness weakened him

Since 2021, the legendary footballer, Pelé , suffers from colon cancer. Indeed, he discovered that he had cancer last year. However, since then the news seems to be getting worse. On November 29, 2022, King Pelé had to be transported to Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo (Brazil). Now he is in critical condition. As a result, he had to spend the entire Christmas holidays in his hospital bed. Fortunately, he can count on the support of the various members of his family . Although this period is difficult for them, they still wanted to enjoy a moment of love. ' Almost all. Merry Christmas. Gratitude, love, union, family. The essence of Christmas. We thank you all for all the love and light you send us “said one of his daughters, Kelly do Nascimento. And this, on his Instagram account, on December 24.

According to the news transmitted by his daughter, Kelly do Nascimento, his father's illness seems to be gaining ground . For many, the hope that Pelé pulls through then becomes a distant hope. After discovering his colon cancer in 2021, it seems that he is currently suffering from “heart and kidney failure”. Her daughter also wanted to imply that the time she has left is running out. Because of this, he captioned his latest post with the following message. ' One more night with him '. A period that is proving difficult for the members of Pelé's family. Visibly weakened by his cancer , some stars who had the chance to meet him wanted to pay tribute to him. Tributes to an exceptional man who changed the world of football forever. We find among the latter, the tribute of Nagui.

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A snapshot of Nagui and the football star

Football fans find it hard to accept that the legend that is King Pelé is in danger of disappearing. Obviously, his legend will never fade . People who have seen him grow and evolve will never forget their childlike emotions at the exploits of this player. Among them, we then find the host and the producer, Nagui. He therefore used his Instagram account to share his feeling of sadness with its subscribers. He paid a vibrant tribute to his idol. ' My deepest thoughts at this time are for the most stylish and kindest of football's greatest ever, Pelé “, he wrote to caption a black and white snapshot on which he appears, extremely young with the football star. This photo caused a wave of comments of support and love admirers.

Among the comments that can be found under the publication of Nagui, we find then many more tributes to the footballing legend , Pele. 'A great gentleman who will have left his mark on the history of football forever. Thank you for everything Pelé', 'The greatest of the greatest. In short, the ROI. It is said today that football was different back then. Yes, it was much more difficult: heavy equipment, ball more difficult to control, much more violent game, there were no red or yellow cards, condescending referees, (…) and all the other players knew him. (…), he created plays, dribbles, goals that we are still trying to copy today”. Many Internet users therefore remain very saddened by the bad news circling the Brazil footballer. As everyone knows, her legend will never die.

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