Nagui: how to try your luck and participate in the show Don't forget the lyrics?

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TéléStar explains how to try your luck and participate in the casting of Nagui's show, 'Don't forget the lyrics'.

  Nagui: how to try your luck and participate in the'émission N’oubliez pas les paroles ?

'Don't forget the lyrics', sometimes abbreviated in NOPLP , is a French game show, broadcast in France twice a day on France 2 . The program in question has been broadcast in France since December 15, 2007 and in Belgium on La Deux since September 2, 20191 and on Tipik from September 7, 2020 . It has been presented by Nagui since its launch. But how to participate? We explain everything to you in this article.

Nagui: how do you integrate your show?

She is probably the favorite program of lovers of French song . Nagui's 'Don't forget the lyrics' program has been broadcast since 2007 on France 2, from 6:40 p.m.

With a live orchestra and the presence of Nagui as presenter, the candidates have to perform a giant karaoke and try to win a duel between the maestro of the day and a new candidate. Although the casting troupe is constantly on the lookout for new talent, there are several steps to go through before being selected .

People wishing to participate in Nagui's show can indeed register on the official page or contact the team casting by phone at:

To do so, you must provide your identity and explain what you would do with the money . It is also possible to provide a photo as well as to send a link to one of his vocal performances on YouTube or on a social network.

The castings

If before he had to go to one of the casting rooms to try your luck at “Don’t forget the lyrics”, selections are now made online. The selection of candidates has been done, since the Covid-19 pandemic, remotely, by telephone or video call. This new procedure does not change the DNA of the show .

“Even from a distance, the atmosphere remains the same: friendly and benevolent”, had wanted to reassure the casting team at the time of this important change.

The candidates, after singing a song on the telephone, are brought to make a video presentation and a song . Then they get a video call to take a lyrics test on songs from the 1950s to today. Finally, if the candidates are selected, they have to go to Paris to record the game and attempt to win against the Maestro. The beginning of a great musical adventure.

The winnings of the big winner of the Masters 2022

Since 2012, viewers of France 2 can see the best candidates compete of the history of Nagui's show. And this, almost every year during the Masters. The finale of this spin-off program aired on Saturday, November 26, 2022. A broadcast which took place from 9:05 p.m. on the public channel .

“After more than five weeks of competition, the 2022 Masters of Don’t forget the lyrics deliver their outcome in prime time! During an exceptional musical evening orchestrated by Nagui, only 4 maestros can still claim victory! You will first attend the two return legs of the semi-finals. Then, on the round trip formula, the two winners will meet for the final. After more than thirty duels, breathtaking victories, disputed matches but also many surprises, which maestro will succeed Toni, the big winner last year? “said France 2 in a press release.

The challenge is big enough for the remaining candidates . Indeed, the winner will win large sums of money at the end of the show.

“At the end of a veritable musical marathon, the big winner of the 2022 Masters will win a dream trip to Tahiti and the coveted Silver Micro Trophy. In addition, he will be able to win an additional 60,000 euros which will be added to the gains already acquired during this edition of the Masters. Who will win the competition? Will the new candidates in the ranking manage to destabilize the old ones? »

As a reminder, unlike previous years, a qualifying round made it possible to decide between eight maestros . They were the best performers in the regular season. In the end, it was Kaël who got his ticket to the Masters.

Source : Telestar