Nathalie (Love is in the meadow): The gendarmes landed at her farm

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Accused of animal abuse, Nathalie, a former candidate for 'Love is in the meadow', decided to respond.

  Nathalie (Love is in the meadow): The gendarmes landed at her farm

In February 2021, M6 was broadcasting the 16th season of his country dating show , ' Love is in the meadow '. Always orchestrated by the lovely Karine Lemarchand, this edition featured various emblematic candidates such as Nathalie . Originally from the Pays de la Loire, the farmer marked the viewers for his fiery temper . Constantly dressed in pink, hence her nickname Barbie, the mother was more than ever ready to find true love . And this, after having lived through difficult times. Like many candidates, since the end of the season, Nathalie continues to be talked about in the media . Moreover, recently, she spoke to the site For denounce false accusations against him .

a terrible accident

This case began on the night of February 4 to 5, 2023. That evening, one of his cows gave birth to a calf .

'Nothing very original in the Morice Islands', write our colleagues from

According to Nathalie's story, she and her son took care of the animal all evening .

“(…) we took turns, we put hay on her, a blanket, she didn’t want to move,” she said.

The calf was therefore born without any problem.

'It was a joyful moment' that the farmer's son took care to photograph.

Only here, a drama quickly took place. fell into a ditch, the little calf that had just been born died after being crushed by his mother. Wanting to save her baby, the cow accidentally precipitated the death of it . According to the explanations of the former candidate of “Love is in the meadow”:

“A terrible accident. The calving went well, there was no reason to stay with him any longer, we left him with his mother. Alas, he fell into that ditch. His mother, wanting to take him out, fell on him. He did not survive. »

Nathalie's rant

The day after this tragedy, what was Nathalie's amazement when she saw the police and firefighters on her farm. These latter landed on the spot after receiving a report for abuse . Indeed, a neighbor would have denounced the death of the calf to the authorities, bringing Nathalie out of her hinges. In a rage, the farmer said:

“The world has gone crazy! People make the gendarmes move by accusing me of ill-treatment. We do this job out of passion, we spend all our time there. We take care of our animals, their well-being. »

And to add:

“There is no battery farming here. We make veal reared under the mother and we do our job properly. But we are constantly obliged to justify ourselves, for everything and more and more often. My case is not isolated, other farmers are experiencing the same problems. To believe that we want the disappearance of agriculture. »

She concluded by saying:

'It's getting unbearable'

You should know that in this case, no proceedings have been brought against the farmer since the gendarmes did not follow up. For her part, Natalie could file a complaint for slanderous denunciation .

A strong woman

In any case, his rant once again shows the extent of his strong temperament . She who, for several years, lived under the yoke of a violent man . A story that greatly moved viewers during its passage in “Love is in the meadow”.

The man in question was none other than the father of her children , his first love. In 2007, after 18 years together, Nathalie finally decides to leave him. According to his explanations, this choice was motivated by the ultimatum that his daughter gave him .

'She told me 'if you don't leave him, I'm taking my two brothers,' she recalled.

Only, after separation, the man continued to ruin his life . She tells :

“He made me drool during the separation. He gave me nothing, he wanted me to start from scratch. I did not want to leave the breeding so we separated the farm. I took the little piece; twenty-three hectares out of the ninety we had, fifteen cows, eight calves, two mobile homes and the three kids. »

Nevertheless, strong woman, she fought, not hesitating to ask for help from Restos du Coeur . And since life always rewards our efforts, Nathalie has recovered. From now on, She is a professionally fulfilled woman. . What about his love life?

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