Nathalie Marquay: this challenge launched to Jean-Pierre Pernaut before their marriage

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TMC broadcast 'Jean-Pierre Pernaut, one year already'. The opportunity to get to know him better through the story of Nathalie Marquay.

  Nathalie Marquay

Jean-Pierre Pernaut passed away on March 2, 2022 . Nearly a year after his disappearance, the memories he left are still well anchored. TF1 devoted them in a documentary entitled 'Jean-Pierre Pernaut, one year already' . It brings together previously unseen images of the presenter, as well as the testimony of his relatives s. Aired Friday, February 24, 2023 on TMC, viewers were able to see another aspect of the missing journalist . But a funny anecdote from Nathalie Marquay, his wife made an impression . They almost never had a story together. Discover his testimony in the next lines .

Nathalie Marquay's ultimatum to Jean-Pierre Pernaut before their wedding

The documentary Jean-Pierre Pernaut, a year already, painted a surprising portrait of the emblematic face of TF1's 1 p.m. news . Naturally, Nathalie Marquay was entitled to some sequences in the film .

She confided in the beginnings of her relationship with the presenter . She told what she agreed with her husband on June 23, 2007, on their wedding day .

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The little details meant a lot to her . So she didn't want to get married anyhow.

“Jean-Pierre wanted to get married, but not me. For me, it was out of the question that I go to the town hall just to have a piece of paper. »

To get his consent, the journalist had to accept his compromise .

'I said to him: 'Me, I'm fine, but on condition that you find me a priest so that we can bless our alliances and have a real marriage, otherwise I'm not getting married.''

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Jean-Pierre Pernaut, madly in love with her, went to find a priest . Then three weeks later, he introduced him to Father La Morandais. Shortly after, the two lovers finally got married .

She chose the man of her life on the Eiffel Tower

Nathalie Marquay and Jean-Pierre Pernaut had an unparalleled chemistry . The former Miss France still struggles to come to terms with her husband's disappearance .

But did you know that she was ready to leave him if he had not accepted one of her conditions? Yet this is what the latter mentioned in the documentary devoted to the presenter .

A few days after their first meeting, Jean-Pierre Pernaut invited Nathalie Marquay to dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower . This romantic date confirmed the attraction they felt for each other.

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She only had eyes for the journalist . She was already planning a future with him.

'It was comical because I said to him: 'I know that you are the man of my life, I want to have children with you,' said Lou Pernaut's mother.

That said, the 55-year-old actress, always wanted to be a mom . She was adamant about it.

'I know you're older, know that if you don't want to have a child with me, I'm leaving right away,' she said to Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

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However, at the time, the latter had just signed the divorce papers with his first wife , Dominique Bonnet. But in order not to lose an exceptional woman, he accepts.

'He said to me, 'Wait, wait, wait. Alright!’,” she recalls again.

Twelve months after this promise, Lou Pernaut was born. Then his little brother, Tom Pernaut, completed their family the following year .

The magical encounter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay

Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay met on December 8, 2001 , during a Miss France election, in Alsace. As Miss France 1987, the former beauty queen, had a privileged place in the audience .

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'Madame de Fontenay said to me: 'You will be seated next to Jean-Pierre Pernaut.' At the time, I said to myself: 'But who is Jean-Pierre Pernaut?' I did not know him. When I say that, I'm ashamed. I lived in the West Indies, I never watched 1 p.m. I watched 8 p.m. more,” recalls Lou and Tom’s mother. But in the end, the kindred spirits found each other.

With a smile on her face, Nathalie Marquay said:

'It was magical, it was impressive because we only talked, only laughed, and moreover when I came back, all my friends asked me and called me asking me: 'But what what happened with Jean-Pierre Pernaut ?’, »

At the time, their loved ones already knew they were going to end up together .

“He was good living. He liked to laugh, he didn't take his head. He wasn't playing. There was a side where we looked alike, I liked that, ”she added.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut was very dear to him.

“It is engraved in my heart, in my head. He is near me. He is still there,” she said. She will never forget it.

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