Nathalie Marquay: very moved by evoking the death of her husband, Jean-Pierre Pernaut

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Nathalie Marquay Pernaut, widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, regrets having forgotten to say 'many things' before the death of her husband.

  Nathalie Marquay: very moved by evoking the death of her husband, Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Former Miss France Nathalie Marquay had already spoken about her grief and the consequences of her husband's death. Although we can omit it , the disappearance of the great presenter of the JT of TF1 does not only mourn French viewers . There is also the widow and the children who mourn a husband and a father. Jean Pierre Pernaut continues to stir hearts and minds after his passing.

Nathalie Marquay Pernaut makes a statement on what gives her the absence of her husband

His voice, his arms, his person; this is what the former Miss Frank lacks e. Above all, it is 'his laughter' that journalist Dominique Lagrou reminds him of in her series of interviews ' My Encounters'. ' His laughter so communicative “ she said Nathalie Marquay Pernaut in a burst of joy. Indeed, this laugh is what he misses the most. In reality, she saw it as natural at its peak. And, even in that smile, she saw the generosity of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. That's not all, he also misses his voice: 'but his voice is crazy. she breathed in a voice full of emotion.

On the other hand, it is not only nostalgia that is present in the feelings of the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Contrary to what one might think, she didn't have time to tell him everything she had to tell him. Indeed, the family and the spectators had been prepared for the departure of the journalist. However, his wife expresses regret 'I feel like I forgot to say a lot of things to Jean-Pierre'. At the same time, she takes the opportunity to leave a little advice: ' that's why you have to take advantage of it and you have to dare to say things “, delivers the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

Madame Pernaut reveals her feelings to her children

The former Miss France does not only have regrets for the death of her late husband. In truth, she opens up about what she has been through with her children. There too, she reveals regrets about what she should have done or not done: “ [I love you] is a word that I say very rarely because my mother never told me “, she confides to the journalist. She was prevented from saying it as much as she would have liked to her children, because of the difficulty of these words.

in revenge , thanks to Jean-Pierre Pernaut, she keeps telling her children that she loves them to make up for the times she couldn't tell them. “My girl Lou, I love you. My Tom, I love you. I love you very much,” she relieves herself with a loving sigh.

Nathalie also wanted to ink a truth concerning what some had been able to evoke 'He's always close to me. He's next. And no one can replace him. '. In fact, she had her late husband's initials tattooed on her skin. In this way, she says, it is engraved in my heart and it is also engraved on my skin ».

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