Netflix: 2023 will be the year of change for account sharing on the platform

modified: 2023-01-03 00:29:02

The Netflix streaming platform wants to end account sharing, and for that, change is coming.

  Netflix: 2023 will be the year of change for account sharing on the platform

Thus, faced with the success of the Netflix platform, the latter wants to see the sharing of accounts end. It turns out that the company wants to push users who do not have accounts, the parasites, to take out a subscription themselves. For this, Netflix even offers subscribers at 5.99 euros to remain accessible to all. . And obviously, the platform has found a way to make it more complex account sharing . We'll explaine everything here.

Netflix, a long-time company

It turns out that the Netflix company has been around for many years now. But far from being a giant from the start, the latter was already doing a rental service from tapes and DVDs. This company has always known how to seize interesting currents. As may have been the case with DVDs which at the time seemed revolutionary. But, when Netflix saw streaming arrive, it knew it had a role to play.

And today, Netflix is ​​one of the leaders in the world of streaming, beating many competitors. This success, which she meets, inspires many others. Now there is no shortage of streaming platforms (legal of course). We find for example Disney plus which is dedicated to all films and series so Disney has the rights . There is also the example of Paramount plus or even Universal plus. So, although Netflix is ​​starting to have new competitors, the company is clearly not giving up.

And one of Netflix's strongest points is also its communication service. It must be said that in terms of communication, she is very strong. They can be found on all social networks, in all countries . Moreover, the official accounts of the latter interact with Internet users . There are often polls, questions or answers.

Change for this new year

But, if Netflix is ​​already making good money, it knows that a large number of platform users do not pay. There is an example of a person paying for the subscription and many 'parasites' using the account. To combat this, the company is proposing change . Besides, Netflix already offers its subscription for 5.99 euros . The remaining goal with such a cheap price, lure 'parasites' into owning an account . In contrast, the cheapest accounts contain advertising.

Thus, the Wall Street Journal announces the measures that Netflix wishes to take. Start by charging a supplement for sharing a Netflix account. This process must already have taken place since Sunday in the United States. But for the moment, the company already offers subscriptions that allow several profiles . So, sharing an account with multiple profiles on it seems pretty normal. But it remains the sharing of an account with a profile that does not seem to be accepted.

Thus, Netflix plans to limit the possibility of watching on its platform to different places. This way of doing things could bring in many new subscribers. One of the co-founders of Netflix, Ted Sarandos says “ Make no mistake about it, I don't think consumers are going to appreciate this from the start. ”. So the increase for sharing seems like an extra $7 per account. To see how it will happen in France.

Source : RTL