Netflix at the heart of a very big scam, be very careful!

modified: 2022-09-29 23:33:02

Netflix subscribers recently received a call or message reminding them of a default or late payment. It is however a scam in the form of phishing.


After the scams in the streets, evildoers are now attacking the world of technology. Indeed, various cases of phishing have been put forward by Internet users. Such is the case for Netflix subscribers. They receive messages or calls notifying them of a late subscription. A technique for thugs to collect their personal data.

Netflix subscribers are targeted for phishing!

The specialized site Numerama has recently spotted various cases of scams through the use of false telephone numbers. Indeed, the scammers are impersonating Netflix. The latter then indicate to subscribers by SMS late or non-payment. Surely this is not the first case of an SMS scam, but in any case, the message does not come from the platform.

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The malefactors aim to steal personal information as part of this scam. Note that the number sending the message does everything to obtain the name, address, telephone number of Netflix subscribers. And it can even go as far as their bank details. This scam technique can therefore also be classified as phishing or phishing.

What to do about phishing?

You have to be very careful not to fall into the trap of phishing . The first thing to know is that Netflix never contacts or texts its subscribers for late payment. At least, the platform does not use a number starting with 07 or 06. Remember that these lines will be reserved only for individuals from January 2023.

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Likewise, when you receive a call or message from a number that you do not know, first check the lien . The one given in the Netflix site is the one and only true one. So, if you have any doubts, do a check on Google or other search engines. Also, stay tuned since the scam looks so much like the real thing that it can be hard to tell the two apart.

Netflix gives you some tips to avoid phishing!

In order to eradicate the case of phishing scams, Netflix has set up a page to identify and prevent scams. The platform reminds that it does not contact its subscribers for a matter of payment, whether by phone call, SMS or email . And most importantly, it never asks for the personal information of its subscribers.

Regarding the link proposed in the message , Netflix gives you some tips. If you have already clicked on it and have already shared information about yourself, do not wait to change your password. In addition, do not hesitate to notify your financial institution of the case of scams .

As for the fraudulent link, report it to [email protected]. You have now been warned! And with all the tips you have, it will be easier to circumvent cases of scams like this!