Netflix will soon ban account sharing with your loved ones, very bad news!

modified: 2022-09-20 14:40:01

If you like series, you know how useful Netflix can be. But, the platform will tighten its terms of use.


In a few years, Netflix has broken all audiovisual codes . With the videos on demand, the public has acquired new habits. But this service is not free. Thus, the platform offers subscriptions ranging from 8.99 to 17.99 euros. So many people use their loved one's access to avoid paying Netflix. But this situation doesn't seem like it can last...

Half of the public do not pay their subscription

With friends or family , exchanging Netflix credentials is now part of normality. An observation shared by Damien Bernet, director in charge of the development of Netflix in France .
« We have 5 million households that watch Netflix regularly and pay zero, so we asked ourselves how to attract them.

Faced with this dead loss, the streaming giant has more than one trick up its sleeve . Thus, Netflix has already provided a discounted offer. For the time being, he has not communicated on these new prices. But rumor has it that this package would expose its subscribers to advertising content .

Indeed, for some time, Netflix has been facing a drop in subscriptions . By giving up the Russian market, the streaming service lost 700,000 subscribers. Following these poor results for 2022, Netflix stock has lost 25% of its value .

Netflix sur la vis et attack the fraud

To prevent an account from being used by several people, the platform will innovate. Like others software and service, it will become more secure. Indeed, nowadays, despite hacking attempts , some actors manage to get by.

We can cite in particular the adobe-suite , well known to graphic designers. Netflix therefore wishes to draw inspiration from it to prevent abuse. All the details have not yet been revealed, but this new system involves AI .

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On Netflix, users enjoy an algorithm that identifies their tastes and their habits. Thanks to this data, the VOD service could therefore detect unusual users . For now, this solution still remains in the boxes.

If Netflix managed to identify misuse , the fraudster will receive a message. Thus, the platform will encourage him to subscribe, for 3 euros. Indeed, while the competition is fierce in her sector, she remains cautious.

It would not be a question of sanctioning the public , but rather to generate new subscriptions. To better understand, remember that Netflix has lost its virtual monopoly. Besides, other VOD services captured a lot of market share. Thus, the French can now turn to Salto, but also Amazon Prime or Disney+ . In addition, in the United States, viewers already enjoy a huge choice, with Hulu, Starz and HBO Now.

We can also expect other platforms to come and nibble Netflix clientele in the future. Faced with these changes, the famous business will have to adapt. As households around the world face record inflation , some expenses become incidental. Nevertheless, to guarantee quality content, the platform cannot give up its profits.