Netflix: you will soon pay more if you share your account

modified: 2022-12-25 13:30:03

Indeed, it seems that the Netflix platform has found a way to put an end to password sharing.

  Netflix: you will soon pay more if you share your account

Netflix has been around for years now. But, not exactly as we know it now. If for many decades the company specializes in movies and rentals, now it is a streaming platform . Moreover, Netflix remains one of the leaders in its field. But, for many years now, users, so as not to pay all, have shared passwords. Of course, he there are accounts where you can put different profiles, with the aim of sharing . But, the accounts having only one profile does not seem really intended for sharing. And Netflix has found a way to stop its shares. We'll explaine everything here.

Netflix, an essential platform

Indeed, Netflix, beyond simply stopping to buy series rights to broadcast them, creates them. There are therefore many series or even films signed Netflix. We thus find Emily in Paris which is a real hit at the moment, and many more. And if the platform decides to produce series of this kind, it does not forget any . You can find documentaries by the platform , funny, sad, intriguing series or documentaries. As may be the case with the documentary series on Prince Harry and Meghan.

Suffice to say that Netflix, both as a streaming site and as a production company, only seem to make people happy. The diversity of programs available means that everyone can find programs that they will like. . Moreover, the platform even offers, depending on what has already been viewed, programs that you might like. And this way of doing things has delighted many users.

many shares

So now, having Netflix even becomes essential. But, many people, aware of the rising price, do not wish to pay the subscription. In place , they borrow the account of a friend, family member, to watch programs . But, it is necessary to make the distinction between accounts and profile. If subscriptions allow an account to have several profiles, some do not. So, an account with a single profile should, in theory, not be shared.

And this remains a real scourge for Netflix, which realizes that it could multiply its revenue by charging those who watch without doing so. So the platform found a solution. Our colleagues from 20 Minutes relayed the Wall Street Journal which explains how to do the platform. In effect, the latter therefore wishes to increase by 3 dollars , the equivalent of 2 euros 80, the subscription so that it can be shared.

Explanation of the platform

On the other hand, to further increase subscriptions, because they have already experienced several increases, Netflix must justify itself. The Wall Street Journal therefore takes up what the platform has described. “ The widespread sharing of accounts between households taking place today compromises our long-term ability to invest in and improve our service. ”. For the moment, this way of doing seems to be trying in Latin America to see how it works.

But according to our colleagues from 20 Minutes , an increase in your Netflix subscription in France remains well planned. And this for a value of about 4 euros. Thus, the goal of Netflix remains to push those who use the account of others to subscribe on their own. In effect, if you want to watch Netflix outside your home, you will receive a verification code . In other words, it will have to be transmitted each time someone who is not at home wants to connect. And for a profile, it is not possible to watch programs at the same time.

But, to reduce the cost of subscriptions, Netflix offers a package with advertising at 5 euros 99 . The way for small budgets to watch all their programs by accepting a little advertising. For the most expensive subscription, it is currently at 15.99 euros.

Competition for Netflix

But, Netflix seems very attentive to its way of doing things. If she does not desire to lose her popularity, that also remains, because she begins to have many competitors. We find among the largest Disney + but also Paramount + and Universal +. In other words, it will end up getting a lot of subscriptions.

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