New aid 2023: who will be able to benefit from this €100 bonus?

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The government is introducing the new 2023 aid to encourage carpooling. A bonus of 100 euros will be paid to the French.

  New aid 2023: who will be able to benefit from this €100 bonus?

The government is deploying numerous measures to best support the French . In the context of galloping inflation affecting the price of fuel, new aid 2023 will come into effect next year .

The beneficiaries of this boost will receive up to 100 euros of carpooling bonus . What is the new aid 2023? What conditions must be met to benefit from it? We tell you everything.

The National “Daily Carpooling” Plan

The new aid 2023 is a new financial plan which aims to encourage carpooling . According to the Service Public website, carpooling is “essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions” .

Currently, France has 900,000 daily carpooling trips . The new government scheme aims to reach 3 million daily carpooling trips by 2027.

The “everyday carpooling” plan is mainly aimed at home-work journeys. As of January 1, 2023, a driver who starts short-distance carpooling will be eligible for a bonus of 100 euros .

According to the official website of the French administration, the premium can be paid in monetary form or vouchers. The payment is made “via the carpooling platform on which the journeys were made”.

here's how the progressive payment takes place of this bonus according to the Public Service website

  • The first payment of 25 euros made within a maximum of 3 months after the first carpooling trip
  • The second payment of 75 euros made later 3 months after the 10th carpool trip

New aid 2023: what are the conditions to be met?

To take advantage of the new National Plan 'everyday carpooling', you must first have a driver's license. It is necessary make a first trip by carpooling as a driver from 1 January 2023. The 9 other journeys must be made within the following 3 months.

The driver must not cover a distance of more than 80 kilometers in France. The latter should also use an eligible carpool operator. The platform in question will pay the carpooling bonus directly to the drivers .

The government has retained several carpooling platforms that the French can use to benefit from the new 2023 aid .

The driver can therefore consult:

  • BlaBlaCar Daily
  • Coopgo
  • Ecov
  • the road to see you
  • Mobicoop
  • In wars
  • Klaxit
  • Instant

The owner of the vehicle must take out insurance for cover bodily injury and material damage to persons transported . He does not need any specific insurance, but civil liability insurance would be a minimum.

The driver should, however, check whether his insurance contract does not exclude carpooling from the guarantees . The contract must include the guarantee of:

  • Home/work journeys for carpooling between colleagues
  • The 'loan of the wheel', if the owner entrust their vehicle to another person

In the event of an accident during a home-work journey, drivers and passengers are covered by the commuting accident . This is a title that gives them access to the same rights as an accident at work.

Financial exchanges in carpooling

The Public Service site specifies that carpooling is allowed provided the driver does not take advantage of it . It should not make a profit as compensation from the passenger.

The only costs that the driver and passenger can be shared are the expenses of a trip such as :

  • depreciation of the vehicle (wear and tear of the vehicle)
  • the tires
  • repair and maintenance
  • fuel and insurance premiums
  • tolls and parking fees

The driver and passenger must pay their share of the fuel price and the toll respectively. This expense sharing is not subject to VAT . It is therefore not taken into account as income to be declared. The driver is not obliged to contribute for driving hours during carpooling trips.

The driver can use the fixed kilometer scale for estimate travel costs . It can offer passengers a price less than or equal to 0.20 euro/km per person. To note that the maximum tax rate is 0.60 euro/km .

Failure to comply with these conditions could result in criminal prosecution for the driver. The carpooling activity will be considered as an illegal practice of professional transport .

Source : Mariefrance