Nicole Kidman ‘Swatted’ By Angry Fan At Opera – Right In Front Of Keith Urban!

When Nicole Kidman goes to the theater, you much better think there’s a lot of drama!

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, police officers were contacted us to the Sydney Opera House in January after The Undoing star and her hubby Keith Urban visited The Merry Widow— and entered it with another audience member!

The outlet reports that the 53-year-old starlet and 53-year-old artist got some heat from an upset theatergoer who was upset by their standing ovation and applause after the program ended. Obviously, Urban stood at the end of the program and was followed by the Big Little Lies star, her mama Janelle Ann Kidman, and the rest of the audience.

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While numerous think about the standing O to be basic theater rules when one discovers a production worthwhile of additional appreciation, the audience member sitting behind the duo discovered the relocation offensive. The guest supposedly exchanged words with Urban, who attempted to discuss that his gestures were indications of gratitude for the program, and continued to clap.

But the opera enthusiast obviously wasn’t having it, and supposedly continued to whack the Academy Award winning starlet with his program. That’s right: somebody had the audacity to whack * the * Nicole Kidman– which is basically a struck to the carrying out arts themselves!

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Urban reacted to the supposed swatting by purchasing his security to escort the couple and Kidman’s mama out of the audience, while Opera House security were summoned to take the worsened guest. Following the event, Urban implicated the male of attacking his partner after he “knocked” Nicole– who was “noticeably upset” by the event, per the Herald— with his program.

Authorities validated to the outlet that officers were, in truth, contacted us to the location after the argument broke out in the audience. While authorities didn’t point out any names, they provided in a declaration:

” Police have actually been informed a 67-year-old male and a 53-year-old male were both going to the home entertainment centre when an argument broke out. Officers talked to both guys and no additional action was taken.”

After the drama pertained to an act break, Opera Australia employer Lyndon Terracini supposedly accompanied the popular household through the back of your house, where they positioned for a picture with the program’s star Virgilio Marino— in spite of the supposed swatting Nicole had actually simply sustained.

Now, we need to explain that while standing Os prevail nowadays, it utilized to be thought about disrespectful back in the olden days, as standing would possibly obstruct one’s fellow audience members’ views of the entertainers’ bows. Naturally, it’s likewise normally thought about disrespectful to whack complete strangers with your program– yes, even Oscar-winning complete strangers– so we certainly do not excuse this habits.

Hopefully, Nicole has actually recuperated from the supposed attack.

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