Norbert Tarayre: Internet users under the spell after this shot with his daughter

modified: 2023-01-10 23:09:02

On the occasion of his granddaughter's birthday, Norbert Tarayre decided to pose next to her.

  Norbert Tarayre: Internet users under the spell after this shot with his daughter

This Monday, Norbert Tarayre saw his little girl become a young woman. Indeed, Gayane was celebrating her 16th birthday. A moment of joy for this father who for the occasion decided to pose by his side . A photo that he shared on Instagram as well as a beautiful legend and which quickly reacted. Actually chief's daughter is sublime and it shocked the web. We'll explaine everything here.

Norbert Tarayre, un père unique

Norbert Tarayre's life has not always been a long calm river. And if many negative elements may have arisen, the birth of his children is clearly not one of them. With his raw humor and outspokenness, he remains a much-loved TV personality . And having a father like him promises never to be bored. But for him, his children remain a great source of happiness.

But time passes, and Norbert Tarayre is the first to be surprised . Her children seem to be growing up so fast that you don't even see the time spent. So, this Monday, the biggest of her daughters, Gayane, was able to celebrate her 16th birthday. The opportunity for Norbert Tarayre to take a very complicit photo with his daughter . He decided to post it on social networks to wish him a happy birthday.

But subscribers were able to see themselves as moved by the love of this father and his beautiful message, as by the beauty of the young woman. So this Monday Norbert Tarayre took a big hit when he saw his daughter blow out her candles . And this can even be seen in the photo that the host of the best bakery in France was able to post. We see a young woman and no longer a little girl.

A beautiful message from a father

So, below this superb photo of Norbert Tarayre and his daughter, we can read a little message for the latter. “ You are 16 today, my daughter, you have one more year in this wonderful life. Don't put any limits on yourself... Discover life, you will see that it is a fantastic adventure. So, I wish you a happy birthday my daughter ”. We recognize the advice of a loving father who is visibly present for his daughter.

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So very quickly, the subscribers of Norbert Tarayre were able to react. Touched by this beautiful message, they decided to also wish him a happy birthday to the latter. But in the comments, there are also remarks on the physique of Gayane. “ But what a beauty' , « She is too pretty « , 'She is very beautiful, you can be proud Norbert' , « your daughter is gorgeous « , 'Your daughter is beautiful' , ' A doll ' , « A future Miss France « , or 'My GodMy god, how beautiful she is ”.

It is true that the daughter of Norbert Tarayre has visibly been spoiled by nature with her beautiful face, her long hair and a charming smile. So many compliments that must have made the young woman very happy . To celebrate this event, the chef has decided to do what he does best, a delicious meal for his little blended family. Although he is separated from his wife, Amandine, he still seems in very good contact with her. A very good element for the children of this couple who are lucky enough not to see their parents tear each other apart .

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