Norbert Tarayre: the famous cook launches an alert to Emmanuel Macron

modified: 2023-01-06 20:12:00

Known behind the stove as on the screen, Chef Norbert Tarayre expressed his anger against the President of the Republic.

  Norbert Tarayre: the famous cook launches an alert to Emmanuel Macron

The Chef rose to fame in 2012, passing through season 3 of Top Boss . Subsequently, Norbert Tarayre continued his career on 6ter, thanks to Norbert, Commis d’office . Very gifted in the kitchen, the young man quickly managed to make a name for himself. In recent months, we have again been able to see it in The Best Pastry Chef , alongside Mercotte, or even the Battle of the Regions , on M6 . However, these days, the former champion of Top Chef presents The best Bakery . And this year, bread and baguette professionals are facing enormous economic difficulties . On this point, Norbert Tarayre did not hide his very clear opinion.

The surreal situation of French bakers

This will not have escaped you: we are going through a serious energy crisis . According to the government, however, we should be able to avoid power cuts. Nevertheless, everyone tries to limit their consumption to avoid heavy bills. But on the professional side, the situation changes radically . Indeed, companies, unlike individuals, do not benefit from the tariff shield. A situation that Norbert Tarayre was able to observe with his own eyes while preparing The Best Bakery .

In France, hundreds of traders and artisans have therefore sounded the alarm. In question ? Electricity tariffs . For some, this represents a score ten times higher than last year. It was enough for Norbert Tarayre to speak . He wanted to address our government directly. “Really, I call on the government to look into this, with or without McKinsey. Because you really have to worry about what's going to happen...'

This well-felt little tackle evokes in particular the role of certain large consulting firms for the executive power . The chef thus refers to the scandals that erupted last year . The companies involved being, remember, McKinsey, but also Accenture.

Norbert Tarayre, at the forefront of the crisis experienced by bakers

Habitually absent from political debates , the Chef however spent a lot of time in the middle of bakeries. Indeed, he has just adapted a new TV program, centered on bread makers . “This season, we brought back a little piece of woman named Noémie Honiat. She will go to the bakers with Bruno Cormerais while I will be with the producers to impose a test on the bakers: Norbert's challenge. »

In these conditions, Norbert Tarayre was therefore able to see the problems that threaten the future of some bakers. It was enough for him to castigate the leaders of our country. According to him, this crisis could have been avoided . “The problem today is not only Macron, but everything that his predecessors did not do, namely to preserve craftsmanship. Today, we find ourselves with bills that will sometimes go from 5,000 to 50,000 euros for electricity! Everyone is in danger. »

Let's hope that les prises de positions de Norbert Tarayre won't cost him anything. Indeed, nowadays, the political class finds it difficult to show humor. And this, even when it comes to famous personalities of the PAF.

Source : Marie-France