Old-age insurance: carers will be able to benefit from it with the reform

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If you are part of the 'caregivers', especially with your relatives, you will benefit from old-age insurance.

  Old-age insurance: carers will be able to benefit from it with the reform

Lately, the government has finally unveiled its famous pension reform . In the program ? The extension of the contribution period, and the decline in the legal retirement age . From 2027, it will therefore be necessary to be 64 years old to retire. But workers will also have to justify 172 validated quarters . This corresponds to 43 years of professional activity. But, you probably know, the vagaries of life can force you to stop working . Especially if you are helping a child or a loved one in a situation of incapacity or handicap . Be aware that in this case, you may, in the future, be entitled to dedicated old-age insurance .

Validate quarters without working

Some people are unaware of it, but it is not only the professional activity that makes it possible to contribute for retirement . Thus, old-age insurance also takes into account certain periods of interruption in your career . Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the situations concerned by the quarterly increase (outside employment):

  • Periods of unemployment benefit
  • parental leave
  • Sick leave
  • The education of a child with a disability
  • Accompanying a loved one with a disability.

Concerning these last two cases, they can give rise to an affiliation to old-age insurance for stay-at-home parents (AVPF) . However, after the pension reform, this system will undergo several changes.

Old-age insurance for carers

This new system should see the light of day in the coming months. For now, the government has not yet given all the details of this new old-age insurance. Nevertheless, it should allow those who stop their career to help a loved one validate more trimesters.

Also, here is the list of people involved:

  • l carers outside the family circle .
  • caregivers who assist an elderly person, without living at home.
  • Those who have a disability rate of less than 80%. Insofar as they receive a supplement to education allowance for disabled children (AEEH) .

This new old-age insurance will make it possible to expand existing criteria , for the contribution of quarters by carers.

People already eligible to value terms

Waiting for the creation of old-age insurance caregivers, know that you can already claim trimesters in some cases. To do this, you must ask an affiliation to the AVPF . Here are the conditions:

  • You receive a daily caregiver allowance (AJPA) OR
  • You benefit daily parental attendance allowance (AJPP)

For the time being, here is how the Public Service site explains this contribution system . « Periods not worked or worked part-time, to bring up your children or take care of a child or a disabled or sick relative, can be taken into account for retirement. During these periods, you can be affiliated free of charge, without paying contributions, to the old-age insurance for stay-at-home parents (AVPF). It is the Cnaf: National Family Allowance Fund that pays the contributions to the Cnav: National Old Age Insurance Fund. »

Pension reform is still under discussion at the time of this writing. That said, she had to be part of the Social security amending finance bill , presented on January 23. However, if the reform enters into force, old-age insurance for carers will see the light of day following several successive decrees.

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