Olivia Gayat: 'Foam coming out of the mouth' big fright for the mother, her son victim of convulsions

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Famous for her passage in Large Families: Life in XXL, Olivia Gayat recently had the fear of her life.

  Olivia Gayat:"De la mousse qui sort de la bouche" grosse frayeur pour la maman, son fils victime de convulsions

The Gayat family was able to make himself known by participating in the flagship program of TF1. Within the tribe, la fille, Olivia Gayat , was able to take advantage of this new notoriety to become an influencer. On networks, the beauty thus shares her daily life with her subscribers . Last March, she pushed her companion Sorachadi. But before this marriage, in 2020, the couple had already given birth to a little boy, named Kayden . However, the child, about 3 years old, had health issues during the end of year celebrations.

The young mother testifies

Like all mothers in the world, Olivia Gayat pays particular attention to his son's health . But during a car trip, the young woman noticed that the little one was not in a normal state. And in front of his symptoms, she almost panicked .

Also, Olivia Gayat decided to approach this difficult story with her community . “I would like to discuss a serious subject with you. » She spoke on Instagram last Saturday. She explains that the event took place before Christmas, when Kayden already seemed sick . « To warn, prevent, and inform, because it happened to me on December 24th and it traumatized me: the convulsion. On December 24, so New Year's Eve, my little heart was sick. He had been sick for a few weeks already, on antibiotics, etc. As a result, he had a fever and also nasopharyngitis. »

Olivia Gayat was very scared by the convulsions of little Kayden

The little boy had just come out of a consultation with the doctor when his condition suddenly deteriorated. The mother of the family then lived a moment of total horror . » I see my son twitching, hands in his face, eyes throbbing upwards, shaking all over, and foam coming out of his mouth. (…) He was convulsing, he was shaking. »

In this difficult moment, Olivia Gayat still kept the right reflexes. And She immediately called the emergency services . By the time they arrived, she also got the child out of the vehicle, so that he could breathe better. » 'I got out of the car with my son in the middle of the night. I had the fear of my life, I thought I was losing my son. »

Fortunately, the The firefighters were quickly able to join them and take care of Olivia Gayat's son. Also, Kayden was able to quickly get back into shape. In the days that followed, the whole little family took Well deserved vacation . » The trip to Reunion did him a lot of good, he was in good shape the whole trip. » Even if the little boy always tends to fall ill, especially in the middle of winter. ' There, unfortunately, since we got back, he fell ill again, he has nasopharyngitis and tracheitis. He's on antibiotics, but frankly, he's fine. » That, this incident served as a lesson to Olivia Gayat . Going forward, she will be sure to always keep an eye out for Kayden.

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