Omar Sy: his secrets about his acting debut his wife 'filled the fridge'

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Omar Sy has not always been this actor that we know. For a time, it was his wife Hélène who “filled the fridge”.

  Omar Sy: his secrets about his acting debut his wife 'filled the fridge'

While 'Skirmishers' a hit in dark rooms s, Omar Sy connects the interviews. On January 12, 2023, it was on the YouTube channel 'Oui Hustle' that the actor gave himself up like never before . The opportunity for the international star of talk about his financial precariousness of yesteryear . We tell you everything.

The difficult beginnings of Omar Sy

Coming from a modest family, Omar Sy was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth . Everything he has today, he owes only to his efforts. Without forgetting the support from his loved ones, including his wife, Hélène , which helped him a lot.

Moreover, recently invited on the YouTube channel of “Oui Hustle”, the French actor indulged in a few confidences . Omar Sy notably mentioned the period when his partner 'filled the fridge' when he barely won the SMI C.

'My wife and I are a team,' he said.

You should know that before playing in major productions, the actor had a difficult start s. Consequently, for several years, Omar Sy collected the small roles that presented themselves to him .

Suffice to say that the remuneration was not always a fortune . Still, it allowed him to “earn a living”. A situation whom he describes as “worthy” during his interview . On the other hand, he could not say that he was earning “well”.

“And winning it was not won! My first stamps, we were still in francs. When I was doing Le Cinéma de Jamel, I had 1,500 francs, remembers the 44-year-old actor. We did it on Wednesdays, so we had four a month. 6,000 balls per month (about 1,280 euros, editor's note) while having fun, that's already not bad, ”he said.

Omar Sy maintained by his wife?

You will have understood it, the standard of living of the young actor had nothing to do with today . And even if he managed to live off his passion, he was not always able to meet all the needs of his family .

Lucky for him that he knew how to choose the right woman . It should be noted that at the time, the latter was a “executive” in “the music world”. In other words, Hélène earned more than her husband . It was “rather her who filled the fridge” says Omar Sy.

It should be specified that it didn't bother him at all. . On the contrary, the one who plays in 'Tirailleurs' even feels 'admiration' for his wife and found her gesture 'beautiful' .

His tender declaration for his wife

Omar Sy continues his story by revealing that by only working “4 days a month he could earn the equivalent of a minimum wage.

“Beyond being paid to do what we did, what I found crazy was that we weren’t paying much anymore. We spun clothes for you and we didn't realize the impact of wearing a brand. When my daughter was born, I was pretty much at that standard of living,” the actor adds.

Omar Sy did not miss this opportunity to make a tender statement to his wife:

“She is a determined girl who knows what she is doing and who knows what she is worth. She supported me and me, I especially see her support and that sealed our bonds from the start. It also motivated me to succeed to put it well and to send it back fivefold. My ego doesn't sit on that stuff. »

Omar Sy and Hélène: 25 years of love

Between Omar Sy and Hélène, it's a love that lasts . As a reminder, both met in 1998 through a mutual friend . At the time, the man was only 19 years old while his future wife was 21.

Shortly after this famous meeting, Omar Sy and Hélène have become inseparable . To the point of starting a family together. So, 3 years passed and the couple welcome their first child, a girl .

Then, in 2007, Omar Sy and Hélène said yes for life . To date, the couple no longer lives in France. In effect, they live in the United States, where their 5 children are studying are. The least we can say, is that they are still so in love .

The proof, from time to time, the actor sends words of love to his half on social networks x. This was the case last October when he writes a nice text for his wife's birthday .

“Happy birthday to the love of my Life. My assos, my best friend, the biggest & beautiful heart I know. Long life to you, I wish you as much happiness as what you bring to others… I love you,” he wrote.

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