Parcoursup: the important dates to remember in this new process

modified: 2022-12-21 13:56:02

The higher education platform, Parcoursup, recently unveiled the schedule of stages for 2023.

  Parcoursup: the important dates to remember in this new process

During the senior year, high school students have many things to prepare. Whether tonight the final baccalaureate exam, the orals or the big taboo subject: Parcoursup. It should be noted that for many French people, the higher education platform, Parcoursup, is a real nightmare. Between the stress of waiting, the many refusals or the lack of space in the desired higher education institution. During the terminal, the schedule of all there is to do can feel disorganized. Thus, in order to facilitate the use of Parcoursup, here is the calendar of the different stages to be carried out for 2023. And this, since during this long and stressful process, there are many important dates to remember. More than 21,000 courses, hundreds of higher schools and thousands of students waiting. We'll explaine everything here !

From January 18 to March 9: registration on Parcoursup

Since Tuesday, December 20, final year students and students from France who wish to reorient themselves can go to the higher education platform, Parcoursup. For many people, this long and stressful process can become a real source of anxiety. Thus, by cutting it into stages, the stress of deadlines seems less. From December 20 to January 18 , seniors and students can consult this platform. And this, to find out about the different options on French territory. Then, after the Christmas holidays, from January 18, 2023, they will be able to register for Parcoursup.

After registering on the higher education platform, Parcoursup, students will be able to begin to state their wishes. If you have already used Parcoursup, you will therefore know that each person can confirm up to ten wishes, with the possibility of sub-wishes depending on the training. You should know that you must enter these wishes correctly. And this, since once selected, you can not go back. Terminal pupils and students therefore have from January 18 to March 9 inclusive. And this, in order to carry out this first step. Enough time not to stress!

April 6: the design and sending of files

The second step is that of designing and sending the files to the selected establishments. It lasts from March 9 to April 6. After the registration period, all applicants will have less than a month. And this, to finalize the file, add the necessary documents and supporting documents and send the file to the establishments in question. Each training asks for different information so be careful not to rush the process. If you have a month to do it, consider taking your time and not doing it during lunch break on a Monday.

A small parenthesis. The Parcoursup site does not only offer higher education institutions. Indeed, candidates will also be able to find a list of apprenticeship training. Thus, nearly 7,500 are available on this platform. Also note that for many of these training courses, the formulation of wishes does not necessarily have a deadline. You will also find specialized support . And this, in the search for an employer for the apprenticeship.

June 1: the big admissions phase

After April 6, you mainly have to wait. This step may therefore seem the longest. Be aware, however, that the establishments use this time to look at the different candidates. This is why it is important to do well in your applications. Admissions responses then start rolling in on June 1. Indeed, from this date, you will be able to see if the different establishments have accepted your wish or not. Know that you will necessarily receive an answer within the deadlines. And this, whether positive or negative.

Thus, from June 1, 2023, if the candidate has received only negative responses from the training courses requested, he will be able to request support in his establishment. As a result, some teachers or accompanying persons help in the design of files for the complementary admission phase . A phase that begins the Thursday June 15 . During this limited time, students who do not yet have a course in place for the following year will be able to reformulate up to ten new wishes in the courses that still have places available. And this, with a more in-depth accompaniment.

July 13: The end of the main phase on Parcoursup

Finally, the last step. This constitutes the deadline for accepting an admission proposal on Parcoursup. Know that baccalaureate results usually fall at the beginning of July. This year, it seems to be on the 4th of July. Thus, after receiving the baccalaureate, students have a little over a week to make the final choice.

It should be remembered that this choice is indeed final. Once the acceptance of an admission proposal has passed, the student can begin to imagine himself in higher education. Once a proposal has been definitively validated, the candidate must complete their administrative registration according to the procedures specified in their file. Eh yes, July 13 is the last day to accept a proposal. Bye-bye Parcoursup! This date also marks the end of the main phase. For candidates invited to resit, a new date will be given later.

Source : CNews