Partial unemployment: who is concerned, what procedure and what compensation? We tell you everything!

modified: 2022-09-22 18:21:02

Being an employer or an employee, partial unemployment remains a relevant subject. You have to recognize your rights in order to apply them at the right time.

  Partial unemployment

With the current crisis, many companies are facing economic difficulties. Some companies have been forced to reduce the number of their employees. So much for saying that others have returned the keys. Fortunately, the law is not indifferent to the situation. Employers or employees, take the time to find out about your short-time working rights.

Partial unemployment: Who are the people concerned?

Partial unemployment, technical unemployment or even partial activity is a system put in place to reduce the working hours of employees. This was due to the company's financial problems. It sometimes happens until the total interruption of the contract of work.

A company in difficulty is forced to reduce the number of production hours of its employees. When things don't work anymore, it's obvious.

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Anyone who has signed an employment contract with the company is affected by technical unemployment when necessary. There should be no exceptions since this is a case of force majeure.

This technical unemployment scheme is a kind of insurance for employees . It allows them in a way to keep their job when the activities . But thanks to this, they can also receive financial assistance from the state.

Mandatory steps

Before setting up partial unemployment, the employer must imperatively make a declaration to the administration of his city concerning his drop in activity. This declaration will allow the administration to confirm the situation and to validate or not the application for unemployment. technique .

The State established the job security law on June 14, 2013 . This allows employees in this situation to receive compensation during this period.

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But for this, the company must inform the administration of its problems. And to proceed with requests for the establishment of partial unemployment. Generally, when the company does not get a response from the authority, this means that it can continue the procedure. Otherwise, the administration demands more information before giving their consent.

To do this, a site remains available to companies. The employer will only have to detail, in a dedicated area, the difficulties that lead him to make this decision. It's kind of a request for permission. Without the green light from l’administration , the company cannot continue the process. If it persists, employees risk losing their rights.

The main causes of partial unemployment

In a normal situation, no company considers for a second to arrive at such a decision. However, when the business no longer works due to various unpredictable factors. It is sometimes very hard to continue.

Technical unemployment is the only way out not to break the contract of work with its employees. So it is also a guarantee for both parties.

Several reasons lead the employee to implement this device. This can be the layout or transformation of the workplace, the many exceptional circumstances such as natural disasters, pandemics or even war. There are also claims caused by bad weather which make it impossible to continue the activity.

For other companies, it may be the supply that is difficult or even impossible. We can also consider the situation economic of the business sector of the company.