Pascal Obispo: the day he was shot in the middle of a concert

modified: 2023-01-09 21:49:07

For the occasion of his birthday, Pascal Obispo has decided to come back to a complicated moment in his career.

  Pascal Obispo: the day he was shot in the middle of a concert

Recently, Pascal Obispo was able to appear on the small screen . We found him in particular in the documentary on his friend Florent Pagny but also in the report of 50 Minutes Inside, always his friend. The opportunity for him to share memories of their youth. But two years ago, he was able to confide in his own career . We'll explaine everything here.

A long-standing relationship with Florent Pagny

Indeed, during the end of 2022, Pascal Obispo was able to give a lot of information about his youth with Florent Pagny . It must be said that for the latter, the year 2022 seemed particularly complex. With the discovery of his lung cancer, TF1 decided to pay tribute to the artist by offering a documentary . The latter was broadcast on January 1 and broke audience records. And recently, 50 Minutes Inside was also able to unveil a report.

In the latter, one can see memories of his loved ones. Like Pascal Obispo who recounts a time when his friend's record company refused it. Indeed, Florent Pagny wanted to collaborate for his album Knowing how to love with his friend. But his record company seemed very reluctant. The latter considered Pascal Obispo as a “ babe singer ” and that it would damage the image of Florent Pagny . Finally, the artist was able to collaborate with his friend, and the album was able to be a great success. But this is not the only memorable memory of his career.

Pascal Bishop, shooting victim

This remains in November 2020 on the show It won't come out of here, which Pascal Obispo was able to confide in a particularly tense moment in his career. Indeed, he was able to confide to Michel Cymes that his career could be marked on July 28, 1997 by an attack which seemed intended for him. He says, “ I was shot at ”. After which he adds more details.

It was a story in a couple, I think, a story of jealousy. Someone who shot… A priori, she (the woman, editor's note) said 'Obispo, I do it when I want', and the man said 'me too, I do it when I want'. And then, in fact, he shot us (with a pellet rifle, editor's note). ” And to conclude: “ If it had fallen 2 cm below the eyebrow, my eye was gouged out . He also shot in the foot, and on my musicians too ”.

It must be said that at the time, Pascal Obispo had enough to make many men jealous. Categorized therefore as a “girl singer” he seduced many women thanks to his charm and his self-confidence. With his 1992 album Plus que tout au monde, Pascal Obispo very quickly entered the big leagues and was able to make himself known. . We saw him in his Fan clip, where he wore the hairstyle of great artists like Freddie Mercury or even Michel Polnareff.

Another near-fatal accident

Later, Pascal Obispo still creates the shock. For the NRJ Music Awards, the latter displayed a fuchsia pink crest which did not fail to be noticed. Just like his cut eyebrow which still today remains the rock touch of this singer. However, this is not a style, but a scar. He confessed that “ I fell out of a truck when I was little. Head first. And so it left me with a scar that I exaggerate ”. One story among many others that could have killed him.

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