Patrick Bruel: the confidences of the singer on his relationship with his father

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During an interview for 50 'inside, broadcast on January 28, 2023 on TF1, Patrick Bruel confided in his relationship with his father.

  Patrick Bruel: the confidences of the singer on his relationship with his father

Patrick Bruel is not only a well-known actor, but also a singer very popular with the French . But if on the professional level, everything goes like clockwork, it must be said that the singer didn't have an easy childhood . Indeed, as he confessed to our colleagues from Version Femina in 2015, Patrick Bruel experienced a tragedy when he was a child . His father abandoned him. In an interview with 50'inside, he returned to this story and revealed behind the scenes of their reconciliation .

Patrick Bruel: abandoned by his father

Patrick Bruel is marked by a terrible story and it is the abandonment of his father . He was only a newborn when Pierre Benguigui left him with his mother Céline. The latter raised the young boy alone.

This story inspired him to accept the role of Angel in the film 'Ange & Gabrielle' by Anne Giafferi, a character resigning from his role as father. But the absence of his father also allowed Patrick Burel to become a man and.

“These are shortcomings on which we build ourselves. It then becomes a strength. I would have been a different person if [my father] had been present. Did I want to be someone else? I don't know,” he confessed.

They reconciled

40 years after this abandonment, Patrick Bruel will still see his father, Pierre Benguigui .

“I wanted to solve this problem before my first child arrived. So that's when, precisely, we ended up with my father, 'he confessed during his appearance on the show Sept à Huit, in 2018.

In November 2022, during an interview for Le Point, he revealed behind the scenes of their reconciliation.

“He reminded me one day that my father was only 20 when I was born. Everything was quick. Maybe he realized that this life was not for him. It facilitated a discussion with him which was strong, very strong, verbally violent, ”he said.

If he was able to get closer to his father, what about today? Is their relationship still going strong? Asked about the subject in the program 50′ inside, broadcast on Saturday January 28 on TF1, Patrick Bruel returned to his relationship with his father .

“With my father, things were nicely arranged and settled, from the birth of my first child. So it's been almost 20 years now that I found my father and my children discovered a grandfather, 'he said.

A way to catch up with the past and of being able to enjoy family time . Patrick Bruel is now happy to spend time with his family: his father and his children.

Patrick Bruel, father of two children

As a reminder, Patrick Bruel is the proud parent of two children: Oscar and Léon . His two sons are the fruit of his marriage to Amanda Sthers. And if the couple has been separated for more than 10 years, they still kept a great complicity for the well-being of their children .

When they leave to live in the United States with their mother, Patrick Bruel don't hesitate to go back and forth and go see your children one month every two months. To C à vous, he joked that he was 'one of Air France's best customers'. During his concerts, the singer can count on their presence behind the scenes to applaud him .

And what about his role as a father? The singer takes it seriously x. Besides, he does what he can to be present for his children and to be there when they need him . During his appearance on the program 50′ Inside, Patrick Bruel is notably reconsidered his relationship with his children .

Faced with the question of the host saying: “Are we trying to be a better father than our own father? ', he has answered :

“We do our best. »

patrick bruel then continued saying :

'Are we trying to be a better father which concerns me, I don't necessarily have a pattern to reproduce so I moved forward in the blue... In the blue of the eyes of my first child and my second child . In any case, I have the feeling that we are achieving something with their mother (the writer Amanda Sthers, Editor's note). We achieved something very strong. »

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