Patrick Fiori: the singer had a love affair with a coach from The Voice

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Who is this coach of 'The Voice' with whom Patrick Fiori had a romance that lasted two years? All the details in this article.

  Patrick Fiori: the singer lived a story of'amour avec une coach de The Voice

Patrick Flowers file the perfect love today with his partner Charlène, a 27-year-old fan. But you should know that before this idyll, the singer was married for 14 years to Ariane Quatrefages . That's not all ! Before this relationship, the coach of ' The Voice » was also in a relationship with a woman, a famous singer . Who is she ? We reveal his identity to you in this article.

Two years of love with Lara Fabian

Patrick Flowers had a relationship with Lara Fabian from 1998 to 2000. An encounter which took place in Canada, in the studios of Rick Allison, in Montreal. The singer was to record his album 'Prends-moi' , and had come across the Belgian star by chance.

It was love at first sight. The coach of 'The Voice' confessed in the columns of Gala that he immediately fell in love with the young woman .

“When she released her album. I was in my car in Ajaccio and I heard Everything. I said to myself: 'What a voice she has, this girl!'. When I saw it on television, I cracked up,” he said.

Patrick Fiori then went on to say:

“We met later, while I was working in Canada with his producer, Rick, for my album…. A real princess. I already loved him! »

The reason for their breakup

The relationship between Lara Fabian and Patrick Fiori only lasted two years . The reason for this breakup? Overmediatization. Two stars of this caliber will never go unnoticed wherever they go .

Closely watched by the paparazzi who see every aspect of their relationship studied under a microscope, lovers can no longer bear this constant overexposure.

His daily life becomes unbearable. Very quickly, the rupture a lieu . A separation that also made headlines. Even separated, Patrick Fiori and Lara were not let go by the journalists . It took several months for the case to be settled.

Patrick Fiori: his union with Ariane Quatrefages

Two years after the breakup, the singer testifies to Flair L'hebdo that he learned from this experience. Asked about his new girlfriend, he remains silent. The man refuses to talk about love in the press . Its new slogan, To live happy, live hidden .

This paid off since in 2009, Patrick Fiori met Ariane Quatrefages . The lovebirds have started a relationship and even had children together . The couple gave birth to two boys: Sevan, born in July 2009, then a second son in 2014 whose first name is unknown.

Patrick Flowers talks very little about his relationship with Ariane Quatrefages .

“When a woman chooses you, she already knows where she wants to take you. She came to pick me up when I was starting to want to settle down. After the Notre-Dame madness, I became easier prey. We found ourselves when we wanted to build something,” he said.

Lara Fabian, from son côté, also doing well . Married to Gabriel di Giorgio in 2013, she saw the illusionist leave her native Italy to join her in Quebec. A real proof of love.

Patrick Fiori, who is his last companion?

Despite the 14 years they spent together , Patrick Fiori and Ariane Quatrefages have decided to break up. From now on, the singer and in a relationship with Charlène, a young woman aged 27 .

The latter has been a fan of his since his youth and does not hesitate to make a statement that leaves him speechless . The singer ended up falling under the spell of Charlene, who became his companion, and whose he made the presentation to his relatives last spring.

According to the information, the lovers are about to experience a happy event . the coach of The Voice Kids is about to experience the joys of fatherhood once again.

His love affair with her seems to do him a lot of good . During the last season of The Voice Kids, the coach was particularly relaxed. Patrick Fiori even confessed to having a lot of fun :

“Last week, at the end of the filming of the blind auditions for season 9 of The Voice Kids. »

Anyway, we all wish the happiness of the world to the singer as well as to his companion.

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