Patrick Poivre d'Arvor: The 'French Film' denies the presence of the presenter at the 30th Trophies ceremony

modified: 2023-02-18 22:36:02

Patrick Poivre D'Arvor was announced present during the thirtieth ceremony of the French Film Trophies. Information recently denied.

  Patrick Pepper d'Arvor : Le « Film Français » dément la présence du présentateur à la 30e cérémonie des Trophées

For two years now, Patrick Poivre D’Arvor is in turmoil . For good reason, the former headliner of TF1 is the subject of serious accusations of assault by several women . Formerly highly respected in the industry, it goes without saying that this scandal has greatly tarnished his reputation. Indeed, as an emblematic figure of the PAF, he has become a persona non grata .

Patrick Poivre D'Arvor , not welcome

Every year, various prizes are awarded by the French Film magazine during the French Film Trophies ceremony. For your information, for the thirtieth edition which took place at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, a film imposed itself by winning the Audience Award .

This is 'Retirement home', directed by Thomas Gilou, featuring Kev Adams, Gérard Depardieu and Mylène Demongeot. The comedy won 35.1% of the vote , ahead of the biopic on Simone Veil, 'Simone, the journey of the century' (20.5%) and 'November' (17%).

During this ceremony, beautiful people were obviously invited. And according to information relayed by Closer , Patrick Poivre d'Arvor was there . Only here, very recently, Le Film Français denied it on Twitter. On the social network, we can read in particular the following tweet :

“Le Film français wishes to react concerning false information published on the site le 16 février 2023 à 19h00, ainsi que dans le numéro du magazine Closer daté au 17 février 2023. Nous démentons formellement et fermement avoir invité et reçu Patrick Poivre d’Arvor lors de la cérémonie des 30es Trophées du Film français, qui s’est tenue le 7 février 2023 à Paris. Le Film français se réserve le droit de donner les suites judiciaires qu’il jugera utile. »

Affair Patrick Poivre D'Arvor , recall of facts

Moreover, in its columns, Closer notably affirmed that the ex of Claire de Chazal had come to accompany during a dinner following the ceremony. A situation that obviously did not delight the whole assembly. Indeed, still according to the people magazine, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor and the woman who accompanied him would have caused a moment of great embarrassment . Some guests even refused to shake his hand, visibly very outraged.

As a reminder, all this contempt for the former presenter of TF1's 20H news finds its origins on February 19, 2021 . That day, on the front page of the newspaper Le Parisien, one could read in particular:

“The woman who accuses PPDA”.

This is the author and science popularizer Florence Porcel.

According to the latter, the facts date back to 2004 . That year, she would have had an unconsented relationship with the famous journalist. 4 years later, in 2009, he would then have forced him to perform a fellat**. At the time, Florence claims to have wanted to file a complaint , but in the end, she decided to give it up. According to his explanation:

“It was PPDA… He was all-powerful, I was a student. I was afraid that my life would be ruined before it started. And I thought no one was going to believe me. »

Still presumed innocent

Of course, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor refutes all these accusations made against him . Two weeks after the terrible accusations of Florence Porcel, he went to the set of 'Daily' to defend himself. Wishing to wash his image, the father of the family declared in particular :

“Never in my life have I consented, I have never accepted a relationship that would not be consented to, a relationship that would be forced, whether sentimental or sexual. Never of my life. »

Incidentally, he says he regrets that the younger generations no longer accept “this behavior where there were sometimes little kisses on the neck” . “Little compliments, charm or seduction. »

Only here, since the media coverage of this dark affair, several other complaints have been filed against him . And according to the judicial police officer responsible for taking the statements of the complainants, all describe him as a “a sexual predator abusing his notoriety” . It is important to specify that the former glory of the PAF remains presumed innocent of the facts that are linked to him. And this, until the final judgment of this case.

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