Patrick Sébastien in mourning: he 'put the pillow' on his mother to help her die, shocking revelations...

modified: 2022-09-24 16:07:01

Patrick Sébastien looks back on his last gesture for his mother, a moment he will never forget in his life.

  Patrick Sebastian

Patrick Sebastian is a personality complete. Impersonator, comedian, actor, director, singer, songwriter, poet... So many trades for which he is gifted ! But he is also a writer, producer-host of TV entertainment shows and former rugby club manager . And inevitably, one of his countless talents pointed out to you, who he is! This strong and intelligent man of French television reveals to us a buried pain concerning his mother .

Patrick Sébastien: A thought for his mother!

Following an interview with the star, Patrick Sébastien announces his last gesture for his mother. He told in front of the microphone of Gala :

'My mother, who was an extremely lively woman, dragged herself for four years, from hospital to hospital. »

These times really marked the actor . He still remembers when his mother said to him: Don't let me suffer .

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It's with emotion that Patrick Sébastien remembers the good times that he spent with his mother. But he also affirms how the four years of his illness seemed like an eternity to him . Of course, no one can bear to see a loved one suffer.

At that time, his priority was to help his mother die . It was a gesture that he absolutely had to make, because he was exhausted to see his mother gnawed by suffering .

A shocking confession

During his interview, Patrick Sébastien, who no longer had the strength to see his mother in distress , wanted to help him leave this world. To do this, he confessed that he used a pillow to help him go . He did not hesitate to confide that he made the gesture, but he could not go through with it.

With a love regret , he said he couldn't bear to see her suffer anymore. This woman who was full of life. The person he loved the most in the world , who would die under his hands. Patrick Sébastien lasted twenty seconds, he explained to our colleagues.

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Still, Patrick Sébastien posed the question on this famous gesture . Did he really do it for love? And what would be his feelings today i, if he was able to go through with this act?

It is a terrible feeling for him to see his mother suffer and slowly die. He had to try, he said. Furthermore, his beloved mother asked him to stop his suffering.

Patrick Sébastien now

In addition, this terrible revelation on his act of love towards his mother. Patrick Sébastien is also interviewed by Gala for another reason. Indeed, he has just released a new book called Live and be reborn every day . Its release is scheduled for September 29. . It's a book that somehow recounts his separation from his wife Nana and her relationship with her children .

He also took this opportunity to show his fans that he was able to fight the disease from which he suffered , few months ago. Note that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the start of 2022. A great victory for the animator . He said that now he is fine , even with a little belly due to the operation.