Patron Incognito: a 'worn out' housekeeper tired of her work moves the Web!

modified: 2022-09-17 11:58:01

An episode of 'Patron incognito' has upset Internet users. The story of this cleaning lady even moved the boss!

  Patron incognito

The program 'Patron incognito' is well known to viewers of the M6 ​​channel. Indeed, the principle is simple, the boss raids his revamped company, with another identity , to see what exactly it is about its employees and their work. This in order to become aware of the daily life of their employees. Also, it allows him to change or review certain rules within his company .

Patron incognito: The general concept of the show

Broadcast for a few years already on the chain M6 , l’ emission 'Patron incognito' is gaining more and more audiences. It now has nine episodes, and this reality TV is of great interest to the French .

For those who do not know yet, the show was produced with the aim of knowing employee attitudes in the face of the protocols imposed by the management of a company.

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In order to know if the instructions are suitable or not to the employees, the boss decides to disguise himself as another person to get a close look at the infrastructures and the approach methods .

At the end of his experience, he receives the employees in his office as CEO . He rewards them for their hard work. All this to the great surprise of the employees!

At 25 years of career, Annie, cleaning lady, makes a confession!

The CEO of Brit Hotel dressed up to meet his employees as a boss incognito . During his descent, he met Annie, a woman from housework who is at his 24 years of service in the box.

She is far from imagining that the person in front of her is in fact her boss. But with his good faith and his passion for the job, she shares her experience . Internet users felt a lot of emotion in the face of his testimony.

She then confides in her incognito boss. Annie reveals to him that she never spent the end-of-year celebrations with her family. Nor the Christmas parties with her children . She ended up also admitting that the job of a chambermaid remained little considered.

Furthermore, Annie shares that it is very hard work which requires a lot of time and a lot of effort physical . For her, for example, her body begins to let go little by little. Despite her knee pain, she continues to work.

Incognito boss: His touching testimony is well worth a reward!

After the few days spent with Annie, Guy Guérault, the leader of the Brit Hôtel group, decides to reward a maid which, according to him, is nobody invested in his work.

At 57, she finally receives the recognition she has been waiting for. Throughout her career as a maid, she dreamed of it. The incognito boss took care to give her all the recognition she deserves .

He pledged to provide her with a stay at a spa resort where the employees were very careful with her. She said it was one of her big dreams .