Paul Pogba: on winter sports vacation, he reveals family photos

modified: 2022-12-29 19:04:01

For the winter holidays, Paul Pogba decided to take his wife and sons on vacation to ski resorts.

  Paul Pogba: on winter sports vacation, he reveals family photos

Many people this year seemed to decide to spend their winter holidays in the sun. It must be said that the cold this year seemed to scare some people away. As can be the case with columnist Kelly Vedovelli who chose to go to Dubai. But, for the player Paul Pogba, no question of changing traditions . The latter decided to leave with his wife and two boys in Switzerland to go to a ski resort listed . We'll explaine everything here.

Winter holidays in the snow for Paul Pogba

Many footballers or personalities seem to appreciate breaking the codes by deciding to go to the sun for the winter holidays. But obviously, for Paul Pogba and his family, this year was the traditional Christmas in the snow. But not anywhere . Indeed, the footballer decided to go to one of the best Ski stations de l'Europe, in Swiss . Thus, we were able to watch excerpts from the holidays of this family thanks to the wife of the famous player . The latter posted photos of their family vacation.

We can therefore find on the Instagram of the wife of Paul Pogba, Zulay, photos of the player and her as well as their two boys. And for the two youngest, it was held assorted ski in the resort of St. Moritz . And precisely, this ski resort remains one of the most popular in Switzerland, and even in Europe. We can therefore see the couple and his wife on the terrace, Zulay posing or even her with the two boys all in yellow .

A caring father

And even leaving for Christmas in the snow, it was out of the question to leave without her two boys. The two young Shakur and Keyann Zaahid seemed to love their vacation according to the photos of their mother . We can see them, hot chocolate near them with a magnificent sun, but still a beautiful snow on the ground. With shared photos, you can see the family seemed to be having a great Christmas away from city center life . We even notice the mother of the family throwing snow in front of her sons to show them how to do it.

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So, with all his photos of Paul Pogba's family where there is always a smile, it warms the heart. Surely something to cheer the player up after his teammates finally lost the World Cup against Argentina . Like Cristiano Ronaldo who seemed to smile again with his family Christmas and his beautiful Rolls Royce as a gift.

A difficult year

But then again, just like the famous CR7, Paul Pogba has not had the easiest year . It must be said that the latter suffered from many injuries . What therefore weigh down his professional life, but also personal. It remains, moreover, because of the injuries that the Blues could not count on his presence on the field .

This did not, however, prevent Paul Pogba to travel to Qatar to support his team. And, in the stands , the latter seemed in very good company. In fact, we could still see alongside the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron . Obviously, both passionate about football and thoroughly in the encouragement of the team. So let's hope that for 2023, Paul Pogba will have fewer injuries and can restart his career.

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