Pauline Lefèvre in mourning: she announces the death of her father 'Rest in peace'

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The news greatly saddened Pauline Lefèvre. Also, she wanted to send a last farewell to her father.

  Pauline Lefèvre in mourning: she announces the death of her father"Repose en paix"

The actress, 41, spoke via they are Instagram account to announce the death of his dad this Friday, January 20. A painful moment for Pauline Lefèvre , who also wanted to pay tribute to this man, one last time. To do this, the actress chose to publish a photo of his father when he was young , accompanied by a very poignant message. In this difficult period, the young mother can however count on the unfailing support of its community .

2023 under the sign of mourning

The French were first able to know Pauline Lefevre as a host on Direct 8 or M6. But since 2008, the young woman had started a career on the boards then in the cinema , from 2010. Thus, we were able to find her on the poster of Gosh in 2012, or Our women in 2015.

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For Pauline Lefevre , the new year did not start in the best way. In fact, she lost her father. The young actress therefore took a few days before communicating on the news. When she shared this information on Instagram , she therefore also addressed a moving tribute to the one who gave her life. » DAD. There are so many of you I haven't known! It made me sad when I was younger, but we finally found each other, and you sent me what you could, it's already a lot . You had so much class and you were so funny. Rest in peace Charles-André, dad, and I will continue to put the puzzle together for you. »

Pauline Lefèvre receives a wave of support from Internet users

After this post, the actress has received many comments intended to comfort her. Thus, Charlotte Gaccio, did not hesitate to comment on this publication. Michele Bernier's daughter wished to address 'sweetest thoughts' to Pauline Lefevre.

Actor Patrick Mille also responded present, in this difficult period. “Dear Pauline, I am thinking of you and sending you a big hug. » Others did not hesitate to underline the resemblance between Pauline Lefèvre and her father. ' All my condolences ! And I see where you get your beauty from! »

Let's hope that Pauline Lefèvre can count on his family to get through this ordeal . Indeed, this actress is also the happy mother of twins, Hugues and Léopoldine, born in 2020. Moreover, during the Christmas holidays, the actress did not hesitate to share some pictures of her two adorable children . The two little ones could be seen, surrounded by their family, playing and unwrapping their presents. “A few sweet snippets of this end of the year not always so sweet… so for the news I only wish you that, sweetness. »

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In effect, Pauline Lefèvre attaches great importance to her role as a mother . In 2021, she gave an interview to Gala, to discuss the very solid love she feels for his daughter and his son . » I feel so lucky to be able to live these privileged moments. (…) I have the impression of being a mother wolf who protects them from all the negative waves. »

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