Pension reform: pension at 1200 euros, who will be affected?

modified: 2023-02-15 18:17:02

The pension reform project indicates a minimum pension of €1,200. However, not everyone will be entitled to it.

  Pension reform: pension at 1200 euros, who will be affected?

Olivier Véran spoke on January 11. He shared some news that might delight some. Indeed, two million current retirees who have a pension of less than €1,200 will see their pension increased to €1,200 gross per month. Nevertheless, this revaluation won't affect everyone. Update on pension reform.

How are pensions broken down?

First, it is necessary to look at how pensions are made up. In fact, there is the basic pension and the supplementary one, to which must be added the contributory minimum. This is called the “Mico”.

Concretely, Olivier Véran speaks of the 'Mico' when he announces an upcoming revaluation to €1,200 in Elisabeth Borne's reform. Specifically, the contributory minimum allows retirees from the general Social Security old-age insurance scheme who have contributed on low wages to receive a minimum amount of basic pension.

Moreover, this minimum pension in question applies pensions for private sector employees , agricultural employees and craftsmen, traders and industrialists.

The Institute for Public Policy expressed itself on February 9 on this subject. 'The benefit of the minimum contributory is conditional on obtaining the full rate: only workers who have reached the target duration (43 validated annuities), who have retired at age 67 (age of cancellation of the discount), or who have left incapacity or invalidity can therefore claim it. “, he said in a published note. In fact, this minimum in question represents €684.14 gross per month.

But, those who have contributed at least 120 quarters, that is to say 30 years of work, see their minimum contribution increased to €747.57 gross per month. Furthermore, it is important to distinguish the quarters assessed and those which are validated.

Pension reform: The increase to €1,200 only concerns those who have had a full career

In reality, the operation of the thing is truly understood when we look at the small lines. Indeed, in section 10, It is written that employees who have completed a career fully contributed on the basis of a Smic will be able to retire with a pension of at least 85% of the net Smic. That's nearly €1,200.

Therefore, the 'Mico' goes through a raise of €100 . Concretely, there is no minimum pension for everyone, but a simple upgrade for some. The Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt indicated that 200,000 retirees per year out of 800,000 are going to have a better pension. What to get an idea of ​​the number of retirees it concerns.

More clearly, these are only those who will have validated all the required quarters, with a minimum wage and a full career who will be entitled to it. And, this is only 10% of new retirees.

For the others, a revaluation will also be possible, but not of the same height as that mentioned earlier. We are then talking about an increase of 20 to 30€. What to revolt the French who find this derisory revaluation. Some find it a way of making fun of their situation and that at this rate it would be better not to give anything at all. Pensioners consider this reform as a frontal humiliation.

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