Pension reform: some professions are spared by the reform

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Elisabeth Borne unveiled the content of the file on pension reform. Thus, some trades will be spared. Find out which ones.

  Pension reform: some professions are spared by the reform

Pension reform is one of the hottest topics right now. . No sooner has it been presented (or even much earlier) than it already faces strong opposition. In addition to pushing back the legal retirement age, the project puts forward other proposals . However, there are a few exceptions. In particular these professions who will not suffer the consequences of the pension reform . Here are the details.

Pension reform: a departure at 64

If the pension reform is causing so much talk, it is above all due to the postponement of the retirement age . Indeed, the government does not hide its desire to make the French work longer. Currently at 62, the reform plans to postpone departure to 64 .

“At first, we had considered pushing it back to 65 (…) They were never an end in themselves”, specifies the Prime Minister in a press conference.

This before adding:

“Also, from September 1, the legal age will be gradually raised by three months a year, to reach 64 in 2030.”

Before entry into force (expected this summer), the text on pension reform will go to the Council of Ministers s. Then each line will be debated in Parliament . That said, the executive can resort to 49.3 if there is has too much opposition from deputies .

Pension reform: summary of the measures

Apart from raising the retirement age and extending the contribution period, the pension reform provides for other measures . Here is what we must remember from the announcement of Elisabeth Borne .

Pension minimum

If the pension reform comes into force, then the minimum pension would experience a revaluation . This augmentation will be up to 85% of the SMIC and will concern current and future retirees .

'With the President of the Republic, we have decided to record the revaluation for all retirees who have completed a full career at the minimum wage,' said Elisabeth Borne in her speech.

Consequently, from September 2023, the lowest French pensions will increase by 100 euros per month . What represents approximately 2 million retirees . In Moyenne, the minimum pension will increase to 1200 euros monthly .

Long careers

In his plan to reform the pension system, the executive takes into account long careers .

'The long career system will be adapted so that no one who started working early is forced to work for over 44 years,' said the Prime Minister.

Here is what the pension reform provides :

  • Start of career before age 16: departure from age 58
  • Start of career before age 18: departure from age 60
  • Early career before age 20: departure from 62 years old , provided you have contributed 5 quarters before the age of 20

Difficulty criteria

The executive makes a point of improve the consideration of hardship . The pension reform provides in particular:

  • Reinforcement of medical monitoring
  • The possibility of early departures (arduous jobs)
  • The creation of a prevention fund of one billion euros
  • L’ improvement of the prevention professional account

Notes: Persons with disabilities and incapacitated can benefit from a full pension from 62 years old. Firefighters, police, etc. can also leave earlier with the pension reform.

Special diets

Emmanuel Macron and his government have never hidden their desire to put an end to special diets . With the pension reform, the executive wish to restrict their access . Newcomers will no longer be entitled to special diets.

“This measure will only concern new hires, who will be affiliated to the general pension scheme”, indicates Élisabeth Borne.

This is the famous grandfather clause. As for the special diets, here they are:

  • RATP
  • The electricity and gas industries branch (IEG)
  • Clerks and employees of notaries
  • Banque de France staff
  • Members of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese)

Senior employment index

With the pension reform, the executive wants an index on the employment of seniors . This with the aim of encourage good practices and denounce bad ones .

Phased retirement

In the text on the pension reform, the executive aborde le sujet de la retraite progressive . Élisabeth Borne even speaks of her improvement in her enlargement to the public service.

Accumulation of employment and retirement

Through the pension reform, the State wants to allow the accumulation of employment and retirement . This measure will allow you to have additional rights and even to increase the amount of the pension .

Additional contribution

The executive supports the establishment of “an additional contribution” from employers. Provided that it does not increase the cost of labor.

'This is why we will symmetrically lower the employers' contribution to the work accident and occupational disease scheme, which is very excessive,' she said.

Pension reform: trades spared

The project spares certain professions. At least, as far as the alignment of the special regimes with the general regime is concerned. Some trades will not be affected . In other words, even if the reform passes, nothing will change for assets in these sectors .

In its press kit, the executive announces:

“The autonomous regimes (liberal professions and lawyers) and those responding to specific constraints (sailors, Paris Opera, Comédie Française) will not be affected by this closure. The gradual two-year shift in the legal age and the acceleration of the Touraine reform will apply to current employees of special schemes, but taking into account their specificities, ”adds the executive in his press kit.

If you are in one of these occupations, you will not suffer the effects of the pension reform on special diets.

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