Pension reform: the disturbing revelations of François Ruffin, 'madness'!

modified: 2022-09-29 22:29:06

The elected deputy of the sum, François Ruffin, strongly mounted the niche against the pension reform launched by the government.

  Pension reform

The subject of pension reform enormously divides the French. And at the highest peak of the state, it is also about a very large file , rather sensitive. Also, the elected representatives of the opposition, especially on the left, remain very hostile to the changes that are coming. Indeed, our system pensions is one of our country's flagship social achievements. Also, Francois Ruffin , a fairly active member of Parliament The national assembly as on the networks, took the floor…

Pension reform: a project on the agenda since 2020

This theme seems to be recurrent in the public debate . And indeed, many governments tried to carry out the pension reform. But the French value their advantages .

In effect, the elderly receive a pension , for which they have contributed throughout their careers. Beyond the sums that the seniors must touch, we must also mention the age of the going to retire .

In the years 1975, manual workers could stop working at age 60. In the meantime, France has therefore experienced more than one pension reform. From now on, certain personalities believe that this system must continue to evolve.

The case for pension reform concern several data. In the first place, hope life of the French has increased significantly in recent decades. In a second time, certain professions benefit from special regimes . which creates tension and critiques in opinion. Since 2020, President Emmanuel Macron has wanted to see age retirement stepping back for reach 65 .

François Ruffin denounces an injustice against the majority of French people

Member of Parliament for France Insoumise , the director of Fakir sits in parliament since 2017. But François Ruffin also cultivates its notoriety on the Web . Thus, Internet users already know him for his shots. positions in favor of the most vulnerable.

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Of course, when it comes to pension reform in preparation, he could not hide his revolt.
“It is madness, when we have had two years of Covid-19 crisis, when we have a people who are exhausted, who are exhausted, that Emmanuel Macron was re-elected without momentum, without enthusiasm. That there is a majority of hitches in the National Assembly, that we are about to not know if we will be able to pay our bills, that we have an inflation crisis, that salaries are not keeping up and that in this moment of exasperation, of democratic fatigue. »

Indeed, according to François Ruffin, the executive seeks to impose the pension reform, in an undemocratic way.
« 'It is done by compulsion . J Say no, don't do this reform! »

Guest on the set of France Info, François Ruffin believes that the people do not support this bill .

'He will decide against a vast majority of French people, 70 to 80%, to force through the pension reform'

According to the deputy of the Somme, it is a measure that would have serious impacts on the population . The elected official denounces a dangerous project for the unity of France. He fears that citizens will accumulate even more resentment against the political world.

Finally, François Ruffin believes that budget management disadvantages those who are already modest. And he points future benefits for the wealthy .
'The government says it's going to do this to fund the school and the hospital, that's not true. What is provided for in the financing plan for October is a further reduction in corporate taxes. »