Pension reform: what the government plans for January 2023

modified: 2023-01-03 18:57:02

Will the pension reform come into force in 2023? What is certain is that the file will move forward in the coming days.

  Pension reform: what the government plans for January 2023

Emmanuel Macron does not hide his intention to reform pensions in 2023. The question is: will the government get its way? The least we can say is that the subject is sensitive. And the oppositions do not intend to let it go so easily. Details in this article.

2023 will be the year of pension reform

Saturday December 31, 2022, Emmanuel Macron has pronounced his traditional wishes for the year 2023 . Longer than usual, the speech already announces the color of the ambitions of the President of the Republic.

announcing want “rebuilding a stronger France” and ' more just ' , Emmanuel Macron brought up the subject of retirement . Clear on the subject, the Head of State stated unequivocally that “this year will be the year of a pension reform” .

not hiding his desire for a comeback into force next summer , the husband of Brigitte Macron underlines:

“The objective is to consolidate our pay-as-you-go pension system. It will be progressive over ten years, and fair because taking into account long, choppy careers…”

Still, for then, nothing is won for Emmanuel Macron . In this regard, the Prime Minister must receive the social partners this week.

An imminent meeting with the unions

Initially predicted to be presented last December , pension reform bill will finally be read in January 2023. Recently, we learned from BFMTV that Elisabeth Borne will receive the social partners.

Thus, it is between Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 January that the head of government will meet the CFDT, the CFE-CGC, the CPME, the CFTC, the Medef, the U2P, the UNSA and the CGT. What is the purpose of these interviews?

Reported by BFMTV, the services of Elisabeth Borne say it is done for the purpose of:

“Continue the dialogue initiated on October 5th within the framework of the three rounds of consultation and finalize the reform project. »

The presentation of the pension reform

Remember that since its announcement, the pension reform has been talked about. For good reason, the extension of the legal retirement age is not unanimous. Indeed, if the reform is applied, by 2023 the retirement age will go from 62 to 64 or 65 .

Currently, we already know that the unions are rather against this decline. Moreover, on the subject of age, Emmanuel Macron remained evasive during his speech of December 31, 2022.

'We need to work harder,' he said.

This before adding:

“The extension of our working hours will be gradual. »

For the moment, the French must be satisfied with this vagueness . Not for long, because the pension reform will soon be presented . Recall that the government was supposed to present it on December 15, 2022.

After a report, the presentation will take place on January 10, 2023 . Or next week. It is only on this date that we will know all the details of Emmanuel Macron's pension reform.

Pension reform: the opinion of the French

If the President of the Republic seems enthusiastic to reform the pension system, the project does not thrill the French. Indeed, according to a Harris Interactive-Toluna survey for RTL and M6, 54% of French people say they are against .

We must nevertheless put this figure into perspective, because it is on the rise compared to the same survey carried out in September . Remember that at the time, 67% of French people said they were against pension reform.

Looking closer at the numbers, we see that it is more a question of a political cleavage . Here is the distribution of favorable and unfavorable votes according to the political family:

  • The Republicans : 68% favorable
  • Insubordinate France: 84% unfavorable
  • The National Gathering: 66% favorable

It is also interesting to point out that if you ask the French about the postponement of the retirement age (one of the consequences of the pension reform), the answers change. Barely 1/3 of those questioned say they are in favor .

Purchasing power, the priority of the French

The same survey looked at the subjects that the French consider to be priorities. Unsurprisingly, at the top of the list, purchasing power is found with 76% of votes in favor . This is an increase of 12 points compared to 2022.

At the second position, 67% of French believe that the social system is a priority. Note that this figure is up 10 points. And finally, priority of 49% French , France's growth is in third place.

Source : Free Midi