Pension reform: what to remember from Elisabeth Borne's announcements

modified: 2023-02-06 12:21:02

Long career device, senior index… Here is what could change in the pension reform. The details.

  Pension reform: what'il faut retenir des annonces d'Élisabeth Borne

The pension reform envisaged by Emmanuel Macron since his first term is taking shape . On Monday, February 6, the debate on the reform project will begin in the National Assembly. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has already announced that the executive rules out the hypothesis of the use of article 49-3 .

This would mean that this debate in the hemicycle is the last barrier of the pension reform . On the eve of the start of the examination of the text, the head of government declared the concessions that she is ready to face the demands of the right . We take stock in this article.

Pension reform: a long-standing project

The pension reform project does not date from today or yesterday . Indeed, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has alluded to this reform since his first term. However, due to the health crisis, the project was postponed . We are now in the second five-year term of Emmanuel Macron and the reform is about to take shape .

Indeed, on January 10, 2023, the reform is presented by Elisabeth Borne during a press conference . On January 30, the text arrived at the Assembly. The debates will begin this Monday, February 6. However, on the eve of the start of this examination, the head of government made an announcement .

In an effort to bring Republicans to reform, she declared the concessions that she is ready to face the demands of the right . What is the right to ask? What will change in the reform retirements ?

Extension of the long career scheme

The key element of the pension reform is the retirement date offset . The reform provides for a departure at 64 years against 62 years currently. The only way to leave before 64 is the long career device . In an article by Marie-France published on January 20, 2023, journalist David Boéri said:

“The reform provides for this, as part of the long career system. The quarters acquired during parental leave will now be taken into account in the calculations , for early departure. »

It is about this that the right made a request . Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne responded to this request in an article in the Journal du Dimanche, published on February 4, 2023 at 10:32 p.m. She stated that:

“Those who started working between the ages of 20 and 21 will be able to leave at 63”.

This announcement at the last minute of the examinations of the law has as its main objective to have the majority in the Republicans . The announcement is not trivial, because it will be expensive for the state . Relayed by Midi Libre published on February 5, 2023, Elisabeth Borne said:

“It is a measure that will cost between 600 million and one billion euros per year, and which will affect up to 30,000 people per year”.

She then added that:

“As we are carrying out this reform to ensure the balance of the system by 2030, we will have to find ways of financing. »

Long career scheme: comparisons between the two schemes

In the current regime, i.e. with the legal retirement age at 62 , here are the terms of the long career:

  • Retirement at age 60 for those who started working before age 20
  • An early retirement of 4 years for those who started their career before the age of 16

The head of government said that the pension reform will be adapted to these terms . So :

  • Those who started before the age of 20 will be able to leave two years earlier
  • Those who started their career before the age of 18 will be able to leave at 60

Improvements on the senior index

During her speech, Elisabeth Borne also said good news about the senior index . Before, this system only concerned companies with more than 300 employees. With the pension reform, companies with only 50 employees will be affected .

Here, at the time of writing this article, the debates have certainly already started at the assembly . Will this recent declaration by Elisabeth Borne speed up the process of adopting the pension reform? On the other hand, the unions announce two new days of mobilization . To their attention, during her statement, the Prime Minister said that she understands their reactions, their reluctance and their concerns.

“But our goal is to ensure the future of our pay-as-you-go pension system,” she insists.

Source : midilibre