Pension reform: what you need to know about quarterly increases

modified: 2023-01-12 20:17:02

Lately, everyone is talking about pension reform. Some French people will be able to benefit from quarterly increases.

  Pension reform: what'il faut savoir sur les trimestres de majoration

In front of extending careers , the French have not finished gnashing their teeth. Indeed, after weeks of waiting, Elisabeth Borne presented the pension reform project to the National Assembly. Thus, on January 10, the government formalized its desire to raise the legal retirement age to 64 . However, there is another criterion to be met in order to benefit from a full pension. From 2027, it will therefore be necessary justify 172 quarters contributed to avoid a reduction of your rights. Which represents 43 years of work . However, one can also get an increase in quarters via other mechanisms .

Pension reform: think about old-age insurance for stay-at-home parents

In effect, not all careers run smoothly . Thus, some people sometimes need to stop their professional activity in the face of certain family imperatives. Especially when it comes to take care of a sick child , with a disability, or even an incapacitated relative . However, during these periods, it is impossible to validate quarters by working. Something to panic, especially in the face of the new pension reform .

However, be aware if you had to stop your career to take care of a loved one, this also gives you the right to an increase in your trimesters . To be entitled to this system, managed by the AVPF, you must have received education allowance for disabled children (AEEH) or the disability compensation benefit (PCH) . You will thus be able to benefit from a quarterly increase for each period of 30 months, during which you will have received these aids. But thanks to the pension reform, this system will also concern certain parental leaves . This is good news for many parents, and mostly women. Indeed, the latter are more likely to put their professional life on hold for the benefit of their family.

Additional trimesters for parents

If you have children, or have already raised them, know that this entitles you to quarters . These rights existed before the last reform retirements. And they come to compensate impact of a birth or adoption , on professional life. However, this increase in terms does not concern both parents. Moreover, for children born and adopted before 2010, it only benefits the mother (with some exceptions). After this date, the accumulated terms benefit parents who have taken parental leave . Here is the increase you can expect if you have a career in the public service:

  • A bonus of 4 trimesters for children born before 2004
  • A bonus of 2 trimesters for children born after 2004

If you depend on general scheme , count 4 quarters per birth, and 4 quarters for the education of each child. And it doesn't matter the date of birth. Pension reform will not reduce your rights in this regard .

Finally, one last piece of good news: the increase in quarters will also concern caregivers (outside the family circle). But it will also apply to people who have completed works of collective utility (TUC) . Indeed, before the pension reform, these activities did not give the right to any trimester .

Source : TF1