Pension reform: who can leave before age 64?

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Despite the planned pension reform, some will still be able to stop working before the age of 64. We explain to you.

  Pension reform: who can leave before age 64?

Whereas the protests have been raging for several hours , the government persists and signs. Indeed, the pension reform meets strong opposition from citizens like unions. In the National Assembly, debates between the executive and the deputies were also held in some tension . The force of the war ? Raising the legal retirement age. Thus, the latter should reach 64 years of age by 2027. This development, unacceptable for many French people , should however allow several exceptions. Who will be eligible for retirement before this age? We will explain everything to you.

Pension reform: we will have to work longer

Yes the government succeeds in imposing this text, workers will have to wait longer before enjoying a well-deserved rest. Thus, it will be necessary reach the age of 64 before retiring. But this decline is accompanied by other constraints , in terms of contributions. For Emmanuel Macron and his ministers , this pension reform is nevertheless necessary. He thus denounces lies from the left . The left utters lies and untruths. Remember that it was the Socialists who, when they were in government, voted to increase the contribution period to 43 years. If they have a problem with 43-year-olds, they have a problem with themselves. »

Indeed, since 2014, the Touraine reform already obliges people born in 1973 (or later), to collect 172 quarters. Beyond this threshold, it will be possible to benefit from a full pension . The new pension reform will nevertheless accelerate extending careers . Thus, even older workers will also have to justify a longer contribution period. Thus, this change will affect all people born in 1965 or later.

If exceptions remain on the agenda for long careers, the unions believe that the text lacks clarity . For its part, the CFDT therefore considers that this point remains rather vague, in the text of the pension reform. To better understand what awaits you, here are some details about professions affected by the end of a career before age 64 .

The French who will narrowly escape this pension reform

Same, this new text plans to accelerate the decline of the legal age l retirement. Thus, all persons born after 1968 will normally have to work until the age of 64. Nevertheless, for all those born between 1961 and 1967 will see their end of career gradually recede.

Thus, they can still hope to obtain their pension before the new fateful threshold . But there are also other conditions for stopping work before the age of 64

The hardship of work

The pension reform plans to taking into account the arduous nature of certain professions . Thus, the workers concerned can accumulate points if they find themselves exposed to certain risks. According to Info Retraite, here is the six criteria concerned .

  • activities carried out in a hyperbaric environment
  • the noise
  • night work
  • extreme temperatures
  • work in alternating successive teams
  • repetitive work.

Besides, as part of the pension reform , Olivier Dussopt indicated that these conditions could be relaxed. In addition, workers who have become unfit for work will be able to benefit from their full pension, south medical avis I. According to the Minister of Labour, the government will not » modify the age limits that allow full retirement for insured persons who are disabled or unfit at age 62. » arduous professions , such as the police, firefighters, military, will also be able to benefit from an early departure. And this, despite

Pension reform: the impact on disabled workers

Same story for concerning workers with disabilities . Here again, Olivier Dussopt pledged not to interfere with their rights. So they can always benefit from a retirement from age 55 .

The Prime Minister has also confirmed the introduction of new rights for caregivers, as part of the pension reform. In addition, the years spent as caregivers to an elderly parent or a child with a disability will now be counted. »

What about long careers?

Another way to escape the pension reform: prove that we started working young. Thus, if you started your career before age 16, you can stop at age 58. Age increases to 60 for those who entered working life before the age of 18 . Finally, the retirement age will increase to 62, for those who started working between the ages of 18 and 20.

Not sure that these particularities are enough to take the pill for opinion. For now, the mobilization seems well determined in the face of pension reform. According to several media, the number of demonstrators who took to the streets of France , close to a million.

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