Pension reform: winner or loser? What will change for you

modified: 2023-01-19 19:16:02

Apart from the change in retirement age, the pension reform is also financial. Will you win or lose money?

  Pension reform: winner or loser? What will change for you

The idea of ​​pension reform does not date from yesterday or today . The current President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has already hinted at this change since his first term . We all know that, was not carried out due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Emmanuel Macron is re-elected. Pension reform is about to be completed . However, future changes made by this reform worries some French people . When can I retire? How much are my pensions? Compared to current situations, will I lose or gain money?

Pension reform: the objective according to the executive

We don't change nothing without specific purpose . Each reform project always has one or more interests . So what is the purpose of the pension reform?

The main purpose of this reform is to rebalance pension systems and bring a profit to the fund. Relayed by TF1 INFO, published on January 10, 2023, the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire declared that the pension reform:

“Will bring 17.7 billion euros in 2030 to pension funds”

He also added:

'It will guarantee the financial balance of our pay-as-you-go pension system'.

We can say that, the purpose is clear . What about for mise en place and what are the waves of change brought .

Pension reform: the legal retirement age is pushed back

The first thing that is certain about the pension reform is the fact that the starting age is postponed . Currently, it is legal to retire at 62 . After the implementation of the reform, you can only leave at 64 . However, don't worry, the shift will be gradual t.

This measure will apply at a rate of three months per generation. If, according to the plan of the executive, the application of the reform starts at least July 2033 , from which generation the legal age will be right at 64 years. We did the math for you.

With this new starting age, those of the 1966 generation, theoretically retire in 2030 if they started working at age 20. However, with the system of progressive shifts, it is the 1961 generations who will be the first concerned . The Planet news site, published on January 17, 2023, reported:

“For people born from September 1, 1961, the reform signs the obligation to contribute two more years”.

Pension reform: will there be financial changes?

As the retirement age will be postponed , the number of assessed quarters will increase. Since you contribute more, it is normal for the amount of the retirement pension to be increased. Moreover, the Renaissance group defends the revaluation of the minimum pension .

For them, the revaluation should not be done only for future retirees affected by the pension reform, but also for former retirees. Reported by Actu-Orange, published on January 7, 2023, Aurore Bergé the president of the Renaissance group, ask next :

“The increase in the minimum pension to 85% of the minimum wage must apply to all those who have worked throughout their lives. Including those who are already retired.

We do not know if the government will accept this request . However, according to the proportion of the current text, here are some changes depending on the case of the retiree.

1. The case of retirees with a full career

Retirees in this category will see an increase in their pension . The amount of the pension will be indexed to the net minimum wage.

2. The case of pensioners receiving the minimum contribution

Pension reform does not change much for old beneficiaries of the contributory minimum. They will be able to benefit from the revaluation while retaining this advantage.

3. Pensioners benefiting from ASPA

Like the previous case, pensioners receiving the solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA) retain their benefits and benefit from the revaluation of pensions .

4. Future retirees affected by the new legal retirement age

In the case of future retirees, their pension will rise automatically , because the number of contributions increases . It should be noted that the pension reform also concerns supplementary pensions.

5. The case of retirees to the unemployed at the end of their career

If you are affected by this case, you can validate the tip with Agirc-Arrco . At the same time you you can also combine the terms under the general scheme .

Here, many are the changes brought about by the pension reform . The latter is a project that dates back to Emmanuel Macron's first five-year term. This year 2023 will be decisive for this reform.

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