Pension rights: it is possible to know how many quarters you have already contributed

modified: 2023-01-06 22:10:02

While it is important to know your pension rights, the steps are not always easy. Here's what you need to do.

  Pension rights: it is possible to know how many quarters you have already contributed

From the first days of work, every worker must know their pension rights . And this, whether he is a private employee, civil servant, self-employed, unemployed, etc. Just like the rights to financial aid from the State, it is now easier to know your pension rights. Thanks to the different platforms on the Internet, it will be easier for you to access key information about your retirement .

Create your retirement account

If you want to access your pension rights, you must create your retirement account. For that, you must choose a dedicated platform . Once on the site, you will find a guide allowing you to create your account.

You also have the choice of approaching the pension plans to which you are affiliated. An account in your name can be opened in which you will be able to know the periods and income giving rise to contributions .

Thanks to this account, you will know which are the periods that give you pension rights. To know your rights, you don't really have to take any steps specific. From the age of 35, you will receive a statement of individual situation.

This statement lets you know what are the rights you have accumulated in the different plans . Note that the career statement is sent to you every 5 years. When you receive it, you must check all the information about you.

If you notice errors or omissions , do not hesitate to contact the regimes that sent it to you. These errors could cause you to lose certain rights concerning your pension.

Estimates on your retirement

From the age of 45, your pension funds will call you to a free information meeting . This will allow you to take stock of your rights and obtain simulations of the amount of your pension.

You can of course perform an online simulation. And this, by directly using your retirement account . From age 55, you will receive an estimate of your retirement at different starting ages. At the same time, you will also have your career statement.

This year, new features will be added to the online retirement account service. These new tools will only facilitate access to information for individuals using the service.

From the second quarter of 2023, you will be able to declare your children via the account. You will no longer need to make the declaration each time you want to perform a simulation.

Possibility of early departure

Future retirees have the right to choose the date on which they want to request their retirement. Currently, the legal retirement age in France is always 62 years old. Before making your request, you must find out about the conditions for retirement.

The official site of the French administration explains the conditions for be entitled to a full pension . The public service website also provides you with all the forms to fill out according to your scheme. Some employees may retire early.

You can leave early if :

  • You started working young (long careers)
  • You are an asset with a disability
  • You have been exposed to asbestos in your professional life

You can also apply for early retirement if you have had an accident at work that resulted in incapacity. The same applies to an occupational disease which has permanently lowers your ability . Provided that the incapacity is at least 10%.

Application for retirement

If you have decided on the date of departure that you wish to retire, you must apply. It must be done at least 6 to 4 months in advance . If you have worked abroad, you must leave a margin between the application and the departure date.

This margin should correspond to the deadlines for obtaining the documents to be provided . Sometimes it takes about a year. You must therefore ensure that the margin is sufficient when you make your request.

If you apply online, one application is enough to all of your retirement plans , basic and complementary. You can ask for help by making an appointment with a pension adviser.

Source : The Echo Of Seniors